EZOfficeInventory 2.0 !

We’ve just carried out a major upgrade of EZOfficeInventory. Here are a few features you can now take advantage of


EZOfficeInventory has historically been a fixed asset system. These are assets that have significant life and are to be tracked throughout their life cycle. Cars, laptops, cameras, furniture are examples of fixed assets.

Inventory is fast moving items that have limited shelf life e.g. paper, pens etc or items that are in warehouses or a shop. Inventory differs from Fixed Assets by not requiring the item to be checked back in. Its assigned or sold. And then its forgotten although the price and quantity is important. You can access the quantity/price of purchases or selling by either using Reports or the inventory page and clicking the ‘Stock History’ button.

With this release of EZOfficeInventory, we now support both types of items.

Asset Reservation

Coordinating when you need an asset and why is an important aspect of asset management. To help improve the flow of information and the ability to communicate the need for an asset at a future point can now be carried out using ‘Request Reservation’.

Responsive DesignWe believe mobility is the future and have redone our website (the post-login pages) to be optimized for whichever device you’re on. If you’re on a mobile browser such as iPhone, its a pain to pinch in and out when viewing a website. Now when on EZOfficeInventory.com you’ll notice the website has no horizontal scrolls and has big buttons. The information being displayed too is optimized for your screen size. While we’ll continue to invest in native apps, we believe this is a big step forward in ensuring you’re always able to access information related to your assets from any place, any device!

Redesign of Post-login PageTake a look, and let us know what you think of the new design. We hope its more cleaner and soothing on your eyes.