EZOfficeInventory – Asset tracking software now on Google Chrome Web store

EZOfficeInventory recently went live with its app on Google Chrome web store. This will enable you to add EZOfficeInventory to your Chrome Apps tab making it even more easily accessible. Track and manage your assets with asset tracking software more efficiently by adding EZOfficeInventory app to your chrome browser today.

Advantages of adding EZOfficeInventory App in your Chrome Browser

No need to remember web URLs: EZOfficeInventory icon shows up in the app launcher (Open a new tab -> clickGoogle Chrome Apps) so you can easily find and open the app.
Access EZOfficeInventory app on any computer: Google Chrome’s sync feature saves your app to your Google Account, so its always available no matter which computer you’re using.
Choose how EZOfficeInventory should open: You can set EZOfficeInventory app to always open in a regular tab, in a pinned tab, or in full-screen mode. See image below:EZOfficeInventory App

Adding EZOfficeInventory app to Chrome – Step by Step Guide

– On the Google Chrome web store search for ‘EZOfficeInventory’ or click here.
– The image below illustrates the process of adding EZOfficeInventory app to your chrome browser.
a. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ button
b. Click ‘Add’ when prompted for confirmation.
c. Chrome will open the App Launcher screen and EZOfficeInventory icon will appear (see below)asset tracking software
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