EZOfficeInventory Has Earned a Spot on the 2017 FrontRunners Quadrant for Inventory Management Software!

EZOfficeInventory has made the list of FrontRunners* for Inventory Management Software. Making the FrontRunners Quadrant is a big deal! To earn a spot on it, companies were evaluated alongside 115 other products, and had to get a top score. EZOfficeInventory’s inventory management solution did just that! To see the FrontRunners Quadrant for yourself, click here.

But what is the significance of this? FrontRunners is a data-driven analysis of the most helpful apps for small and medium-sized businesses. It is published on Software Advice, which provides insights and user reviews on these business apps, enabling companies to pick the right productivity enhancing tools. By selecting us as part of their Quadrant, FrontRunners has validated EZOfficeInventory’s role in the inventory management and control space. The best part is that this position is based on valuable data such user reviews, ratings, and more.

As noted on the Gartner blog: “FrontRunners plots a given market’s top 20-30 products in a quadrant format. The quadrant placement displays the Capability and Value of a product relative to their peers in the market. Each product is positioned in a designated quadrant based on their overall score.”

So, what makes EZOfficeInventory worthy of this spot?

EZOfficeInventory’s Leading Inventory Management Software

Inventory management refers to the process of end-to-end inventory control – from procurement to consumption. This enables you to keep track of purchase orders, monitor stock levels, predict future needs, and control who has access to your business inventory. A cloud-based solution such as EZOfficeInventory makes this entire process exceedingly simple! Employees can update the software with real-time information, draw up custom reports to analyze inventory usage, and set low stock thresholds so you’re never short on crucial tools!

Here are a few of our features that enable seamless inventory management.

Inventory Checkouts
You can check inventory out to employees effortlessly, empowering custodians to play an active role in keeping business information up to date.

User Roles
Manage inventory more efficiently by defining user roles. Staff Users have restricted access while Admins can edit items and run reports.

Purchase Orders
Keep track of Purchase Orders alongside your inventory. Automatically update items linked to Purchase Orders, and manage vendors and procurement costs all from one place.

Location Management
Manage the meta locations of inventory items with our rich locations feature. Linking assets to field locations enables you to distribute and use inventory efficiently!

Mobile Apps
Use our Android, iOS and Windows apps to scan inventory Barcodes and QR Codes in an instant. You can also take mass actions on items any time, from any location.

Custom Reports
Our inventory management software comes with extensive productivity-boosting reports. You can also create a custom report for analysis, or load a saved template.

EZOfficeInventory therefore empowers companies to simplify, streamline, and save, all at the same time!

About FrontRunners

The FrontRunners quadrant is 100% data-driven, and highlights the top-performing software products for small businesses in North America. It enables companies to choose software that can enhance their workflow and lead to lower costs and improved productivity.

About EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory’s inventory management software enables companies to lower inventory shrinkage, streamline procurement workflows, and make Barcode and QR Code scans lightning fast! With feedback from thousands of our customers, we’ve established best practices in inventory management. For more assistance, drop us an email at support@ezofficeinventory.com

For more on our inventory management software, click here.

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*The content for the FrontRunners quadrant is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology; the results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or any of its affiliates.