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EZOfficeInventory Outage: CEO’s Message


Dear Customer,

I hope this message finds you well. First and foremost, I want to sincerely apologize for the disruption you experienced with our service yesterday. I deeply understand the inconvenience and concern this may have caused, and I want to assure you that our team worked tirelessly to address the situation. This was an outage event, and at no point was your data at risk, which is hosted on AWS, backed up in multiple geographical zones in encrypted form.

Around 1:40 pm Pacific yesterday, EZOfficeInventory unexpectedly went offline. Our immediate assessment pinpointed the root cause to our domain suspension by GoDaddy, our NameServer provider. Regrettably, the communication from GoDaddy’s side was limited, with an indication that resolution might take 1 to 3 days.

To alleviate the impact on you, our valued customers, it was all hands on deck here. We initiated parallel efforts, reaching out to GoDaddy executives while simultaneously setting up a backup domain ( to ensure service continuity. By 5 pm Pacific, we had successfully redirected traffic to this temporary domain and began informing our users about this interim solution.

By 5 am Pacific today, we were relieved to note the restoration of our primary domain, following which we promptly reverted all configurations.

Our Commitment Moving Forward:

  • Provider Migration: We are prioritizing a migration to a more customer-centric NameServer provider that aligns with our values of dependability and communication.
  • Open Communication: Our support team, and the rest of the organization, will always be there for you. And if you ever need to reach out to me, you can reach me  at syed.ali <at> Your concerns will always be our top priority.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience during this unexpected challenge. We deeply value your trust in us, and I want to assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to prevent any such occurrences in the future. 

Warm regards,

Syed Ali


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