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What Is Fire Department Inventory Management Software?


Combat fire hazards effectively: Use a web-based management software

The work operations of a fire department revolve around uncertainty and fast-paced action plans. Even a few seconds delay can be very costly when human lives are in danger. In order to run streamlined activities, it is mandatory to resort to a robust system for fire department inventory management. For successful firefighting operations, companies tend to opt for a cloud-based software.

The use of such a software allows fire departments to overcome the following major inventory challenges:

  1. Inability to maintain optimal stock: In an attempt to prepare for unexpected situations, fire departments oftentimes end up stocking up on inventory items. While this may initially seem like a good strategy, it tends to have a negative impact in the long run.
  2. Lack of accurate asset records: To carry out safe and secure operations, fire departments need to be working with quality tools. This can be quite tricky in case of medical equipment which is at risk of getting expired.  
  3. Higher chances of tool misplacement: Due to extensive out-of-office work operations, fire departments struggle with reconciling inventory items during audits. Without a tracking system in place, it becomes very hard to control losses.

Did you know? The firefighter response time to fires was recorded to an approximate 33,602,500 in 2016, which was a slight decrease from 2014.

A cloud-based fire department inventory management software offers an all-in-one solution to deal with these problems. Packed with advanced technical features, this software has the potential to raise success rate in the fire departments.

Learn how to do this by using the following ways offered by the software:

Way 1: Run mass inventory actions through RFID and barcode tracking

Firefighters work in a time-sensitive environment and need to be fully equipped to face emergencies at all times. To facilitate a quick check-in and checkout process, barcode systems for fire and rescue teams brings to you the tracking technology. With the help of barcode labels, you can first tag all your tools and equipment. This practice allows you to maintain a transparent system of resource utilization. Employees simply have to scan their supplies every time they head out to work. Doing so allows you to monitor inventory movement and reduce chances of loss through theft and misplacement.

Apart from this, the software allows you to take mass actions with the help of RFID technology. This comes in extremely handy in emergency situations when you cannot afford to lose time. Use RFID tracking to scan multiple items at once for quick response rates at your fire station.

Way 2: Optimize equipment usage with depreciation management

First aid is one of the most important aspects of fire hazard control. For this very reason, fire stations should have ready-to-use supplies and equipment at all times. This can be quite tough to do if you lack a robust system for inventory management. The absence of a stock purchase and expiration dates database can lead you to use obsolete supplies. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to install a fire department inventory management software.

This software comes with asset lifecycle modules which allow you to track stock depreciation rates. By using this feature, you can easily record devaluation of all your perishable inventory items. This enables you to lower overhead costs related to expired stock disposal and plan purchases as needed. Seek out improvement in inventory consumption by tracking depreciation rates.

fire department inventory management software depreciation

Prolong useful life of your equipment through depreciation management

Way 3: Automate stock purchase to deal with emergency situations

When you start tracking depreciation for your inventory, the next step is to devise a stock purchase program. You can calculate an estimated time of asset expiration and make the necessary restock arrangements. Planning in advance is extremely critical when it comes to logistics control in a fire station. This happens because you don’t know when you might need a certain tool or equipment.

In order to run seamless work operations, you can automate purchase orders of your tools and supplies. A fire department inventory management software lets you set minimum threshold levels every time you are near stock outs. When you configure your system to do this, automatic purchase orders will be generated for stock renewal on time. Remain well equipped to fight fire hazards with streamlined stock and purchase order management practices.

Did you know? According to a survey in the U.S, almost 50% of the fire departments do not have enough portable radios to equip all emergency responders.

Way 4: Create service tickets to conduct timely tool maintenance

Tools and equipment are prone to unexpected breakdowns if they are not serviced at regular intervals. For fire station workers, who have to travel across locations, it becomes crucial to have functioning equipment at all times. If this doesn’t happen, fire hazard casualties might be further aggravated and cause irreparable damage. Such situations can be easily dealt with when you schedule frequent maintenance sessions for your assets.

You can do the above through the use of a fire extinguisher service software. Sending out alerts is simpler and quicker when you plan your repair sessions in advance. You can also create service tickets to keep a tab of maintenance events so that none of your tools are missed out. Enable seamless service events with your fire department software to lower risk of equipment downtime during work activities.

fire department inventory management software maintenance

Keep your inventory in good shape with automated maintenance

Harness your fire department inventory to its full potential with EZOfficeInventory

Not every ordinary department is built to tackle natural disasters like fire hazards. Firefighters receive extensive training to qualify as certified members of the fire department. When you don’t compromise on human capital, you should do the same for your inventory as well. A cloud-based software program lets you optimize inventory usage to derive maximum outcome. EZOfficeInventory is a fire department inventory management software designed just for your station.

With the option of a streamlined data entry system, EZOfficeInventory enables you to check the status of inventory items. This feature enables you to quickly identify which tools are available and which are reserved. Such practices save time and help workers carry out daily work operations efficiently.

For institutions like fire departments, it is extremely critical to record success rates. This can be easily done with the option of tool history usage in EZOfficeInventory. You can store all relevant information regarding specific inventory items and how their performance has evolved over the years. Doing so allows you to outline the average response rate of your equipment. Keeping this in mind, you can then decide whether you want to replace or restock a certain machine. Raise productivity levels and operate effectively with EZOfficeInventory.

Learn more about our fire department inventory management software?

EZOfficeInventory is a supercharged fire department asset management software chosen by fire stations worldwide. The software has a diverse set of features to help you optimize tools for higher efficiency levels.

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