Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Get Higher With Our New Boosters Part 2

Get Higher With Our New Boosters – Part 2


We dispatched a power-packed upgrade a few days ago, promising more. Here is the sequel to get you hooked on the happiness of being super-productive. With these new boosters activated, you are light-speed ahead of others.

Features released today include:

  • Bundles to optimize checkouts based on available asset characteristics
  • Transfer of asset possession from one custodian to another
  • Transfer of stock items between locations
  • Customized listing view for assets and inventory on mobile apps

BUNDLES: Bundle items together based on classification for easy lookup and quick checkouts. For example, if (any) two DSLR cameras, lens cleaning solution, and a tripod need to be assigned on a ‘beach shoot’, then having this as a bundle will serve both as a checklist and an auto-identification of available assets to assign.


TRANSFER OF CUSTODY: Make the transfer of assets from one user to another quick and easy. Instead of verifying asset check-in from one user, transfer of possession can be undertaken by staff users as well to signify possession change. You can also enforce staff users to transfer items to one another. Now simply transfer custody of an asset by scanning its label.


TRANSFER OF STOCK: Transfer stocks of inventory from one location to another without having them shown as add/sale stock actions in reports. Use the agility of this feature to efficiently optimize and manage your stock distributions across different locations.

CUSTOMIZED VIEW ON MOBILE: Asset and Inventory listing view can now be customized on EZOfficeInventory Mobile App with the view preference on top of the page. Now you can determine what’s important to you and view it in the main listing page.


  • As an administrator, now you can edit reservations to keep up with rapid changes.
  • Two new reports have been added to give insights about vendors and geo-locations of all assets based on their last scans. You can also export these in excel or have them periodically backed up on Dropbox.
  • You can now resend invitation emails to unconfirmed members.


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