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How Does the Health Sector Use Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software?


Using Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software to Address Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare facilities struggle when connecting two different types of information – inventory management data with procedural data. It is not an easy task. With a large quantity of expensive and sensitive equipment involved, healthcare sector tends to spend a substantial amount of money on hospital equipment maintenance. The global healthcare market for asset management is predicted to expand to USD 29,603 Million by 2020. The leading causes for this growth include rising concerns for safety measures in the hospital industry.

As the number of patients increases every year, the healthcare sector is forced to find more effective mechanisms to handle hospital workflows. Major factors pushing this trend include the need for eliminating excess in costs, increased reliance on technology and improved staff productivity. To attain these objectives, the health sector prefers all-in-one cloud-based solution packages for inventory control.

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Equipment maintenance software for streamlined hospital operations

Hospitals have new equipment coming in on a regular basis, most of which are custom-made and not to forget, expensive! Operating these equipment items is one of the tasks that staff members of a hospital perform every day. If an equipment isn’t managed well, it could cost hospitals a patient’s life [Source]. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary that the hospital staff must be trained and monitored properly. Enough to ensure that they are performing their duties in the right way. Once you have developed a workforce management mechanism, your next task is to maintain your hospital equipment.

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It would be great if you could use a single access point to manage all this, won’t it? Cloud-based healthcare equipment maintenance software lets you do all these tasks and much more! Below we will look at some ways as to how hospitals can improve their everyday operations with the help of hospital inventory management software:

Estimate the true usage of equipment

Majority of hospitals often face lack of data accuracy on the usage of their assets. It is common for large hospitals to avoid additional storage costs and outsource the vendors to borrow frequently used equipment. In such cases what happens is that the hospital ends up paying for such services longer than they are actually used. Even if you have not rented out assets, you still should have a realistic picture of your resource allocation and utilization.  

For detailed reports on asset usage for a specific period of time, hospital equipment maintenance software lets you track history for all your inventory items. Basically, this is used to pinpoint general trends in resource allocation within a certain department. By doing so, you can catch unnecessary activities and expenditures on idle equipment and cut down on those costs. This will make you save a lot of time as well as maintenance expense spent on handling the hospital equipment!

report and inventory management for hospital

Generate actionable reports on asset usage and utilization for cost-effective analysis

Plan in advance to carry out seamless daily activities   

Health sector operations are time-sensitive. Most of the work procedures involve strict deadlines and put increased pressure on the staff to perform well. To help your employees efficiently perform their duties without wasting valuable time, it is critical that required equipment is available whenever and wherever it is needed.  

Say, for example, you need 100 new injections to conduct a blood drive at the hospital. The injections have still not arrived or you don’t have stretchers available for donors. The absence of equipment in such circumstances means you have to postpone the drive, which can also cause you to miss out on a number of donors. This could have been avoided if you would have been able to reserve assets in time. With the help of medical equipment maintenance software, you can book items in advance for the date of your event. Additionally, you can also transfer items from one location to another in order to have all your required assets ready at the event venue. By reserving and transferring assets in time, hospitals can plan daily activities flawlessly!  

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Prevent infections by better health facilities management

Proper hygiene and safety routines must be every hospital’s topmost priority. If you fail to conduct some major cleanliness drives, you are at a greater risk of infections [Source]. In order to overcome this risk, it is important that you conduct successful equipment maintenance practices. Hospital inventory items like injections, gloves or small surgical instruments have a high chance of contracting bacteria. If not maintained properly this bacterium can spread and cause serious diseases.  

To control the spread of infections, healthcare equipment maintenance software lets you schedule sanitation, sterilization, and equipment service events in advance. You cannot afford to miss out on these sessions at any cost. For this reason, you can also set maintenance alerts and appoint staff workers to carry out these cleanliness routines. Create a safer hospital environment through strict safety practices with the help of inventory management and asset tracking software!

hospital equipment maintenance events

Sterilize your equipment through timely maintenance routines

Improve staff productivity by enabling streamlined workflows

The hospital staff requires medical instruments daily for almost every task. Be it taking the temperature of a patient or undergoing a serious surgery, hospital inventory management becomes a critical part of healthcare maintenance programs. And without it, the staff would pretty much become stagnant in their daily operations.

Hospital inventory management software lets you assign barcodes and QR codes to every stock item in your inventory. This makes it easier for you to track where your equipment and hospital inventory is whenever you need it. Tracking information prevents delays in workflows and allows the staff to stay on top of their duties all day, every day!

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Increase efficiency and workforce productivity using hospital equipment maintenance software

The costs associated with inadequate resource allocation are high for every business. But they are the highest for the healthcare sector as hospitals cannot afford to put the lives of thousands of patients at risk. Automated hospital equipment maintenance management allows healthcare facilities to boost staff productivity and asset optimization. By enabling locations for inventory items and setting usage thresholds for equipment, an efficient inventory management software offer hospitals a chance at streamlined daily operations.

Maintenance and repair of equipment become easier as alerts can be scheduled and sent to staff members in advance. With the right tools for the job, the healthcare sector can maximize resource utilization for an efficient work environment. It’s high time that healthcare sector must implement medical equipment maintenance software to achieve its benefits!

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