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How An HVAC Inventory Software Benefits Your Business


Establish integrated facilities management – Raise business efficiency

The majority of companies define facilities management as creating a suitable work environment to allow for the successful completion of daily activities. HVAC constitutes an important part of this system, without which offices might fail to function at optimal levels. For this very purpose, there are a variety of facilities management automation tools available to help streamline workflows. An HVAC inventory software is a cloud-based program which allows you to attain multiple advantages to help monitor heating and cooling units:

  1. Safe and secure hosting: With advanced IT systems, a cloud-based HVAC software allows you to store backups in case of unexpected data loss. It also has the ability to scale up quickly and significantly lowers the risks involved with data infringement.
  2. Easier access to improve collaboration: When you opt for a cloud-based management system, you allow your employees to gain access to critical information anywhere, even while working on off-site projects. This helps increase productivity and collaboration to a higher performance level.
  3. Greater visibility: As you assign the control of your daily work operations to a web-based program, you enable greater transparency in management processes. This feature lets you spot any malpractices there and then.  

Did you know? The Global IFM report predicts the Integrated Facilities Management market to grow at a rate of 6.4% from 2013 to 2019.

An HVAC inventory software is a powerful addition to an organization’s management structure. It comes with supercharged features to assist in running the very fundamental operations of a firm.

You can use an automated HVAC inventory management software to improve business performance in the following ways:  

One: Use customized templates to record inventory specifications

In order to meet business targets on time, it is imperative for companies to maintain an accurate inventory database. This comes in extremely handy for planning and executing management strategies. Due to the multi-departmental structure of an organization, its inventory base comprises of thousands of different machines and tools. If you fail to record every asset according to its specifications, staff workers will waste a lot of time finding the equipment they need. For this reason, an HVAC inventory software allows you to create customized templates to enter tool related details. A comprehensive database makes it easier to run asset operations and avoid confusions. Wide-ranging information system lets you capture all specifications in an orderly manner. Get customized templates for daily operations to increase efficiency and overall productivity.

custom template hvac inventory software

Maintain customized templates for easy reference

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Two: Automate maintenance sessions to prolong useful life

HVAC inventory comprises of expensive heating and cooling machines, which require special attention in order to function properly. Most companies tend to invest in robust maintenance routines to lower the chances of unexpected breakdowns. This is a smart risk management strategy and promises a positive impact in the long run. Companies which lack a reliable maintenance structure, often end up losing their assets well before their useful life. Such situations can be easily avoided when you configure your system to schedule repair and service sessions. You can do exactly this with the help of an HVAC equipment tracking software.

This software comes with a diverse set of features to help you group together similar equipment. Doing this makes it simpler to carry out maintenance workshops, without missing out any tools or machines. Send out alerts every time you plan a service session for improved results and streamlined work operations.

Three: Enable depreciation management for accurate finances

Once an organization decides to make a substantial capital investment, the next step is to utilize its resources for maximum revenues. This is only possible if you come up with a business plan to supervise every time a piece of equipment is used. Such practices are necessary to keep a record of how extensively an asset is being used and how long is it expected to last for. An HVAC inventory software allows you to implement lifecycle management to record depreciation. This essentially gives you a fair idea about the wear and tear of the equipment. Devaluation usage history lets you eliminate chances of unexpected breakdowns and ensure seamless work operations. Keep a track of the useful life of your inventory for better asset utilization to enable optimal workflows.  

report tracker hvac inventory software

Run depreciation reports for accurate stock consumption records

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Four: Streamline procurement practices to maintain consistency  

A robust automated facilities management system forms an important part of a company’s operational structure. An absence of such a system will ultimately lead to business failure. Say, for instance, you lack access to a working air conditioner or a ventilator; your employees are bound to become demotivated and the whole work assembly line will slow down. Apart from this, a poor facilities management system incurs extra overhead costs on a frequent basis.

To help stay in line with your budget and make the most of your resources, HVAC inventory software lets you automate procurement. With this feature, you can order new inventory, before an old piece of equipment expires. Streamlined vendor management also allows you to store repair details. So, in case of accidental breakdowns, you can always contact your vendor for service sessions. Step up strategic decision-making policies with seamless procurement practices.

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Optimize inventory to boost productivity levels with EZOfficeInventory

Tough competition and urgent response levels have increased the need for higher productivity levels. While some businesses still struggle to find the right balance between automation and manual documentation, it’s time to resort to a cloud-based management system. Especially where heavy equipment and expensive capital investments are concerned. Automated software programs come designed to manage everything from HVAC to employee work assignments. Such a software is EZOfficeInventory, which offers a complete solution package for your inventory needs.  

Incorporating the barcode and RFID technology, EZOfficeInventory makes tracking of your inventory items a whole lot easier. You just need to tag all your equipment to enable secure check-ins and checkouts every time an employee uses an asset. Such practices provide transparency in daily work operations to limit incidences of theft and fraud.  

Apart from this, EZOfficeInventory also allows you to run frequent analytical reports based on an accurate database. With updated information available regarding usage history and depreciation records, you can easily forecast future demand. Precise planning and execution raise the chances of a higher productive work environment. Shift to EZOfficeInventory today to boost inventory performance!

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EZOfficeInventory is an efficient inventory control software which comes with high-performance features for companies to help them optimize resource utilization in order to gain higher productivity levels.

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