EZOfficeInventory Infrastructure upgrade: Follow up

At midnight today (Oct 31st) we rolled out a major infrastructure upgrade, aimed at greatly enhancing EZOfficeInventory’s availability, performance and robustness.

How does it effect me?
The upgrade should be seamless for users on desktop browsers. However, EZOfficeInventory mobile apps users will need to refresh their apps so that they can sync up with the upgraded server components. The following actions need to be taken on different mobile platforms.

Reboot the EZOffice app. Refer to the following link for details http://iosguides.net/force-quit-reboot-app-iphone-ipad/

Since there is a wide variety of Android devices in the market, some users may run into errors while using the app and will need to clear the data cache. A simpler (and recommended) workaround is to simply uninstall and re-install the app from the Google play store. Note: Uninstalling the app will NOT result in data loss as the data resides in our cloud based servers

Our support team is on standby and any known issues will be tweeted and posted on our blog. (http://blog.ezoficeinventory.com, Twitter: @EZOfficeInventory)
If you notice any problems, please get in touch with us at support@ezofficeinventory.com.