Infrastructure Upgrade

At EZOfficeInventory we work with cutting edge technologies to ensure our clients receive next generation features, robustness and reliability of service. Hence, our engineering team has been working hard on upgrading our technology infrastructure.

At 11:30 pm Pacific, a major infrastructure upgrade is scheduled to go live to keep our servers on the cutting edge. If you notice any problems, please get in touch with us at Our support team is on standby and any known issues will be tweeted and posted on this blog.

Please note that the upgrade will be applied to our cloud based servers ensuring the experience is seamless for our customers

Technical Details:

Major components effected by the upgrade:

  • Upgraded WebServer (Nginx)
  • App Framework (Rails 4/ Ruby 2)
  • Operating System (Ubuntu 13)
  • Search Engine (Sphinx 2)
  • DBMS (MySQL 5.5)

———–UPDATE 2 : 12:50 am Pacific—–

We’re live!

———–UPDATE 1 : 12:20 am Pacific—–

Site brought down for infrastructure update