Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs January 2019 Release Notes

EZOfficeInventory January 2019 Release Notes


The team behind EZOfficeInventory has been busy this month. We upgraded our Audit Requests, introduced limited Checkout Duration, added OneDrive Integration, and improved the functionality of our Printout Templates. Here’s the breakdown:

Checkout Duration for Staff

Companies who wish to limit the checkout duration for staff users can now do so. This helps companies choose a standard duration for all staff users so they can improve equipment availability and all staff users can get a chance to book an item.

Clone Custom Printout Templates

You can now clone and edit a Custom Printout Template in EZOfficeInventory. Creating a new Printout Template can be time-consuming when you only wish to make slight changes to an old one but also preserve it. Simply duplicate it and edit your copy!

OneDrive Integration

Companies can automate backups of their EZOfficeInventory data to their OneDrive account. You can now have an additional copy of your documents and reports which will enhance security and enable easy sharing.

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