EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes July 2023

The EZOfficeInventory team is excited to share user access and stock management updates that will make asset tracking easier for you.

Manage inventory, streamline offboarding, and navigate easily with improved accessibility. Read the full notes for more details:

Seamlessly manage inventory across multiple locations 

Relocate asset stock effortlessly during mass check-ins to streamline inventory management. Flexible location management enables warehouse managers to accurately track stock quantities at each location every time a transfer is made. 

Zendesk integration enhancements

Add multiple asset attributes to your Zendesk app while syncing details from EZOfficeInventory. Having detailed information on your assets enables you streamline issue resolution by easily linking the appropriate items to tickets. 

Asset reservation enhancements 

Manage your asset reservations efficiently to facilitate last minute changes in requirements. Address changes in reservations by canceling just the individual item reservation, rather than the entire cart, to keep delays to a minimum. 

Asset Import enhancements

Map and resolve conflicts during item imports quickly with the ability to download all errors directly, in a CSV file. This enables users to fix any issues with the import file, without requiring a switch between pages within the app. 

Accessibility improvements 

The EZOfficeInventory app has improved overall accessibility within the navigation system  and various modules to enable better readability and ease of use. This system update has been specifically designed for tools that help users with visual impairments. 

That’s all for now! For more assistance on our asset management software, reach out to us at support@ezo.io