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Bulk label scanning feature released, productivity boost alert!


Note: This post details an older version of our mobile app. To see the new mobile app in action, click here.

Think of it as a holidays gift from us, fall 2013 has been all about giving customers the features that they most desire. The ability to scan a number asset labels through a mobile device and then take actions on them in a single go was a much requested feature. We realized the time and effort reducing potential of this feature and are excited to announce its release.

Imagine checking out a camera, a tripod and a lens by simply scanning their labels and then selecting checkout on your favourite mobile device. No need to launch a browser, look up the assets one by one and then check them out sequentially! You can scan up to 25 items in a go and can be a mix of barcodes and QR codes. In the figure below, the user has already added 2 items into the scanning ‘shopping cart’.



Lets say we scanned four items and would like to take a action on all of them. Notice (in the figure below) how the action menu presents a number of options including checkout, check-in, request reservation, retire  etc. In the second screen we went ahead and chose to checkout the Chocolate Fountain, Caramel Fountain and the Coffee Machine.


Please note that multiple scan functionality is currently available on Android and Windows Phone. An iOS release is currently under production and is expected in January 2014.

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