Making QRCodes useful with Asset Tracking Software

QRCodes are a great tool for accessing pertinent data, given that the information has been encoded into the QRCode. For normal inventory tracking, EZOfficeInventory has always allowed direct access to data for logged in users who scan QRCodes. But what about assets that get lost and are found by a stranger. Chances of a stranger returning a lost item are slim to none when an item is found in an open environment e.g. a food court, a mall’s restroom etc.

Likely reasons for this being that most individuals would assume the original owner will return and find the item where they last placed it or that the hassle of tracking down the original owner to be too much. But WHAT IF QRCodes could be updated to display information such as “Oh Great, you just found our lost laptop. Please call 1408-xxx-xxxx and we’ll be really happy!”. Or how about, “This is the property of ABC corp and is NOT for resale, please contact us at …. to return”.

Well imagine no more, you can now set up QRCodes to update what they show in EZOfficeInventory. Go ahead, check it out and if your missing property ever makes it back,

pay it forward“! 

QRCode Versus Barcode: Best Practices and Recommendations