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Medical Equipment Maintenance Software For Hospitals


Healthcare facilities managers are aware of the fact that the lights are not going to turn off at 5 ‘o’clock like every other 9-5 shift workplace. Maintaining a healthcare facility is more of a 24/7 job. Not just that, equipment and machines should operate smoothly at all times in order to provide patients with quality care. From small clinics to large hospitals, medical equipment maintenance software can help healthcare centres maintain high medical standards regarding their valuable equipment. Let’s face it! At the end of the day, running a hospital is a business and healthcare is a booming industry. Healthcare facilities can cut costs using maintenance tracking software just like any other business. More profit translates into a better patient experience, better equipment, and better doctors.

A maintenance manager of a hospital knows that it isn’t easy to figure out how to do more with fewer resources. Your buildings, vehicles, and equipment will keep getting old and require more attention with time. With a robust solution in place, you can keep track of maintenance records, boost communication between maintenance technicians and schedule tasks efficiently.

It is crucial for medical facilities to ensure that service requests are responded to quickly and preventive maintenance schedules are there to maintain seamless operations. Medical facilities should surely make use of automation to track and maintain such vast amount of medical equipment that ranges in electric beds, heart monitors, infusion pumps, compressors, vehicles, suction machines, generators, sterilizing equipment, X-ray machines, coolers and much more.

What can a medical equipment maintenance software do for hospitals?

Use# 1: It gets a hold of potential equipment downtimes before they become unmanageable

medical equipment maintenance management software

The significance of preventive maintenance cannot be understated in hospitals. Medical equipment management software provides maintenance managers with a structured way of managing the maintenance of medical equipment. It reduces the costs significantly along with saving lives. Think about a situation where an ambulance engine did not have its oil changed in over ten months and it is going on its way to an emergency. It is running with a risk of its engine blowing up. Preventive maintenance aids in avoiding such unforgivable problems.

Keep all your medical equipment running smoothly for uninterrupted workflow.

Preventive maintenance is undoubtedly in the center of all your maintenance efforts. Maintaining repair records help you to predict problems with the medical equipment before they even occur. When you know what kind of problems certain equipment are more prone to, you can easily schedule preventive maintenance events. This way you can keep your medical assets in their optimal working condition. With medical equipment planning software, the maintenance manager can be sure about the consistent and timely issuance of preventive maintenance tasks. An added benefit of this is that it extends the life of each of your valuable equipment.

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Use# 2: It smoothes the repair workflows and service routines

Healthcare facilities have countless moving equipment round the clock. Think about the time when you visited a friend who has undergone a surgery or maybe someone who has been admitted to an emergency room. Do you remember the amount of equipment present at the bedside? Many times, there is another patient sharing the room with more or less the same amount of equipment. Now you can multiply that by ‘x’ number of rooms and let’s not forget the offsite machinery as well as backup equipment. Isn’t that a lot to keep track of? Of course! It is.

Medical equipment maintenance software captures a wealth of accurate data that offers a magnified picture of equipment performance and cost. With such huge amount of data, maintenance managers can easily make decisions to minimize costs related to equipment maintenance. Planning ahead for equipment repairs lets the medical staff know that they don’t have to go without the much needed medical supplies and devices. This ensures that quality care is given to their patients. When you are aware that what amount of equipment is going to be unavailable ahead of time, you can easily come up with alternative solutions. Having an equipment maintenance solution to track medical devices helps create smoother workflow and efficient repair routines.

Use# 3: It syncs with today’s mobile technology

medical equipment planning software

Medical equipment maintenance solution for tracking is going to allow you to stay right on top of all your repair needs in the best way possible. With equipment tracking software, maintenance management is always within reach. Now, what is that supposed to mean? It means that you can access your maintenance software anywhere and anytime on any digital devices using a mobile app. You will know the status of each of your medical equipment in real-time.

Access all maintenance data from any of your mobile devices whenever and wherever needed

Your medical staff can easily gain access to maintenance records no matter where they are. Such easy access lets them make quick decisions so that the patients are not kept waiting. Also, your medical staff can simply use their phones to scan asset barcodes, create work orders and take pictures of the repair while they are on the job. Not only that, your hospital is going to save big on device purchases and your medical staff need not worry about where their equipment is at any given point in time.

EZOfficeInventory – Give quality care to your patients!

The number one priority of any healthcare facility is its patients and it is yet another area where EZOfficeInventory fits in perfectly. Hospitals and healthcare organizations tend to use an extraordinary amount of medical equipment in their everyday operations. Just keeping records of funding, patient care, and liability risks are not enough. Healthcare facilities need to have a software that offers complete maintenance management for all types of medical equipment and identify all the potential vulnerabilities.

Our medical equipment maintenance solution is an innovative maintenance management solution that lets healthcare facilities effectively manage their day-to-day operations without declining quality standards. It helps healthcare organizations to automate maintenance management functions which are important for uninterrupted, streamlined and smoother operations round the clock.

With our software solution, you can exercise efficient preventive maintenance scheduling keeping X-ray, MRI and other medical machines in optimum conditions. Medical devices allow specialists, doctors, and nurses to keep a close eye on potential health issues. If one piece of equipment goes down, you run the risk of lowering the quality of patient care and it can even lead to a life-threatening condition. We can certainly help you prevent that.

We believe in complete flexibility. EZOfficeInventory is a breath of fresh air from expensive, complicated and outdated maintenance software. Our software comes loaded with easy-to-use features. You can automate preventive maintenance tasks, keep track of due work orders, check the completion rate on inspections, know custodianship of your equipment, and track your medical equipment at all times. Streamline and lean out your hospital operations with EZOfficeInventory!

Want to learn more about our medical equipment maintenance software?

EZO CMMS is the leading medical equipment maintenance software used by healthcare facilities around the world. Keep track of all your medical equipment and increase the quality of patient care!

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