Mobile app acting up on iPhone & iPad?

November 04, 2013
A new version of our iOS app (v 3.9) is now available on App Store. It fixes the crash on label scanning.

November 03, 2013
Sent out an general announcement – explaining the situation – to all those who used our iOS app in the last few days.

November 01, 2013
We pushed an updated iOS app to the App Store, this morning. As per the process set by Apple, it’ll be available for download after the approval (normally takes 2 – 3 days).
Will send out the word as soon as the new app is live on App Store.

October 31, 2013
Something spooky has happened over this Halloween. Some users on iOS 8 are reporting intermittent app freezes and hangs when scanning labels. Our engineering team is working hard on a fix. However due to the unpredictable nature of problem, we will welcome any information you may have about the reported issue.
We’ll keep you posted.


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