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Asset Intelligence and Management

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EZOfficeInventory Named One of Capterra’s Most Popular Inventory Management Software


Software directory Capterra has named EZOfficeInventory one of the most popular inventory management software. As a software recommendation platform, Capterra is committed to finding the right software solutions for all kinds of businesses – whether they’re small affairs or huge enterprises. EZOfficeInventory caters to a similarly broad range of companies, with in-depth inventory management modules, regular feature updates, and a customer-focused philosophy. Here’s a link to Capterra’s report on the best cloud inventory management software!

Here’s What Makes Us One of the Most Popular Inventory Management Software!

EZOfficeInventory is simplified inventory management for your organization. It enables you to manage all kinds of inventory items, whether it’s MRO inventory used in maintenance activities, or perishable inventory that needs to be procured routinely.

Our features are designed to make stock control and inventory tracking a breeze! It’s added convenience, higher productivity, and smooth sailing all the way.

Purchase Orders

You can use EZOfficeInventory to automate and organize your procurement needs. You can add vendors and inventory items directly to a Purchase Order, see procurement histories, and correspond with your suppliers all from one place. The great thing is, your inventory will be automatically updated on the system when you receive your items. This makes procurement quick and easy, and enables you to manage stock control with added depth. That means less time spent poring over POs, and more time spent on achieving company goals!

Low Stock Thresholds

Set low stock thresholds so you’re alerted as soon as your stock levels drop beyond a certain point. You can set thresholds for different items, and even for specific locations. In this way, you can guarantee you never experience stockouts at crucial moments. This also keeps you from over-ordering stock, allowing you to keep a ‘lean’ inventory. Not only does this save you from paying exorbitant storage costs for items that you don’t need at the moment, it also lowers costs associated with inventory spoilage or redundancy.

RFID, Barcode, and QR Code Inventory Tracking

Inventory can be easily tracked through asset tags. You can use our label designer to design custom tags of your own, and even use our mobile app to scan Barcodes and QR Codes with ease. We also support RFID tag scans through external scanners. This makes managing your inventory exceptionally easy – whether it’s pulling up details of items on the field, or locating inventory items across your organizational landscape in an instant.

Actionable Reports

EZOfficeInventory enables you to draw up reports on various aspects of inventory control and management, including utilization, value, custody, and more. Pulling up reports about all items in one location, for example, is no longer the hassle it was with spreadsheets! You can even carry out quick scan-based audits of all your items and have the system tell you what you’re missing in seconds. All this enables you to make better business decisions and be more agile in the face of change.

About Capterra

Acquired by tech research giant Gartner, Capterra has been helping businesses all over the globe discover, compare, and get insight on different software options. Today, it is the world’s leading digital software marketplace. In fact, it was named one of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in 2015 by Deloitte.

About EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory is the world’s leading inventory management software, being used by businesses to improve productivity, streamline workflows, and increase returns on investment. Our comprehensive inventory control features enable you to manage inventory from procurement all the way to retirement or consumption. EZOfficeInventory provides access to real-time data, reduces administrative burdens, and cuts down on all sorts of costs associated with storing, ordering, and allocating inventory across your organization!

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