April 2014 Release

Selection_181This month was particularly special because of an OpenSSL bug called heartbleed, which affected a significant portion of applications on the internet. We responded immediately by moving to a completely new set of servers and upgrading to OpenSSL 1.0.1g which is not vulnerable.

Other than enhancing security, we worked on a number of popular customer requests including:

Selection_182Saving custom reports: Reports in EZOfficeInventory can be generated by selecting columns and setting up filters as per your needs using Custom Reports. Multiple preferences of these columns and filters can now also be saved. Instead of setting up a custom report every time, you can reuse a preference to save time and effort.

Selection_183Location based threshold for inventory: We already have a feature for sending alerts if inventory quantity goes below a threshold. Now we are introducing the ability to add location based threshold as well.

Selection_184Asset level arbitration: Arbitration can be enabled to require approval of staff user actions on assets. We’ve further enhanced this functionality to allow for scenarios where only specific assets need to have arbitration enabled or disabled. To try out, enable ‘Asset Level Arbitration’ from add ons.

Selection_185Enhanced custom visibility settings: Restricting users to access certain groups of items is generally a requirement for multi-team companies. We’ve made several improvements in the usability and functionality for user listings.only specific assets need to have arbitration enabled or disabled. To try out, enable ‘Asset Level Arbitration’ from add ons.

Selection_186Multiple choice custom attributes on check-in/out: Custom attributes give flexibility to have special fields in assets and inventories. They can also be used to customize check-in or checkout forms. However, placing Multiple Choice custom attributes (radio buttons or multi select boxes) at check-in/out was not available. This restriction has now been removed.

Selection_187 Default return date and time: Is there typically a standard time period for returns at your company? If yes, you can use the new default return data and time setting. The check out form will show a return date, as specified by you to significantly reduce the time taken for choosing a date and time.


Corporate URL Add On: If you are on corporate subscription, you can use your corporate domain’s URL to log into EZOfficeInventory. URLs embedded in all QR Codes are also automatically set to the corporate domain.

We love hearing back from you. Try out these new features and do let us know what you think.

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EZOfficeInventory Team