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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Under the Scanner: Feature Release May 2017 – Asset Tracking Software


Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day? This month, EZOfficeInventory is all about efficiency! We wanted you to be able to log, organize, and sync your data with the least amount of effort. Have a look at all the things you’ll now be able to do in a snap using our asset tracking software!

asset tracking software onlineWork Order Management: EZOfficeInventory is introducing work order management! You can now create work orders, add associated components, and assign these orders to members to stay on top of tasks. Use this data to track staff performance and schedule vital tasks effectively. Enable this from Settings > Add Ons, and access them under ‘More’. Learn More

bundles asset tracking software

Bundle Enhancements: You can speed up processing times by cloning bundles. This is especially useful if your bundle line contains the ‘Advanced’ items option. These items stand for a general category of items rather than a specific item (for example, any DSLR Camera rather than DSLR Camera #213). Cloning a bundle that contains ‘3 assets named DSLR Camera’ will enable you to lend out many of these bundles provided you have enough cameras in stock. Of course, cloning a bundle with specific items will only let you lend out those bundles one at a time. Learn More

sync documents to dropbox

Sync Documents with Dropbox: Our new Dropbox Document Sync enables you to keep backups of all your important documents. For this to work, you’ll have to enable ‘Upload data to Dropbox’ under ‘Periodic Data Backup’ in Settings > Add Ons. Then, go to the Documents page and click Export > Dropbox to sync all your documents to Dropbox! The documents will go into folders such as Asset, Bundle, PO, Cart, etc. This can help you stay organized when sifting through all your records!


PO templates: You can now get quick summaries of your purchase orders in an easy-to-read format! Click ‘Print Purchase Order’ to bring up details such as PO status, delivery date, pricing and more. These templates can be edited and customized to include information you’d like to see. Go to More > PrintOut Templates > Purchase Orders Tab > New PrintOut Template. POs must first be enabled from Add Ons for this feature to work. Learn More


Streamlined CMMS: More new functionality for CMMS! You can now schedule one-off services for the future. Go to any item, click Service > Schedule and the item will be checked into maintenance on the scheduled date. You can also set a recurring sequence, asking the system to generate new recurring service requests either after the previous service has ended, or based on a fixed interval. Just add or edit a recurring service for this option. Learn More on the CMMS workflow in EZOfficeInventory.

maintenance management

Service Defaults: There’s so much room for flexibility! You can set default maintenance settings for many fields, including the start date, completion date, service vendor, and type. These settings will affect service records, and can be accessed from Company Settings > Default Settings for Service and Maintenance. You can also define new service types here, which gives you more control around how maintenance data is organized in your company.

AINs asset tracking software

Use AIN instead of Asset#: At EZOfficeInventory, we try to make things easy for you by providing you with default templates and frameworks to keep things organized. This is why we’ve given you the Asset# to help you keep tabs on items easily. However, if your workflow primarily uses AINs to keep track of items, you can always use them instead of the Asset# in item listings. This can be changed from Company Settings > Advanced Settings.

time format

Time Format: This was one of our most heavily requested features! You can now toggle time settings between the 12-hour and 24-hour format. The format will be used across all listings, reports, emails, and printed documents.


Here are some other tweaks we’ve made for you!

  • Report Enhancements: This includes per-page aggregate values wherever a report column contains numeric data, as well as customizable column widths.
  • Documents and comments tab for Members: You can add comments and photos to individual member pages, helping you keep track of all your documentation. Learn More about Members.
  • Custom Field Options for Carts: Custom fields can now be made mandatory for carts. This is applicable to both the mobile and broadband app.

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