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Online Inventory Tracking System: Upgrade Your Business Management Processes


Identify the causes of inventory control failure: Upgrade management processes to gain optimization

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Inventory control strategies form a fundamental part of a business plan. Whether it’s about making decisions on capital investments or choosing the right software for your assets, you should tread carefully. A single mistake can have a negative impact on your finances as well as productivity rate. A robust inventory tracking routine involves organizing and managing your stock, purchase orders and storage facilities.

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While every business has the ability to design and implement its own inventory regimes, many are faced with certain complications. Majority of companies struggle with inventory control failures due to the following reasons:

  1. Lack of systemization: Due to the absence of a tracking program, employees are likely to place tools and machines at their own convenience. This makes it difficult to retrieve inventory and employees waste a lot of time looking for certain assets.  
  2. Limited use of technology: With increasing automation in every industry, there has been a rapid rise in the number of companies opting for a cloud-based software. Manual systems often lag behind in terms of speed and efficiency, hence, leading to obsolete inventory practices.
  3. Inability to forecast demand: If you fail to predict future trends in your inventory consumption patterns, you will be forced to face huge financial losses. Stock management is all about the right quantity and quality at the right time.

Once you learn how to identify your main problem areas, it becomes easier to tackle them. An online inventory tracking system offers high-performance features to help you allocate your resources for maximum output levels.

Learn how to attain optimal utilization of assets to obtain improved efficiency levels:

Way 1: Enable mass actions through RFID for large inventory checkouts

A company needs a systemized sequence of checkpoints to carry out secure and safe inventory practices. In order to do this, it is suitable to devise a mechanism of tagging all your assets. This can be done with the help of an online inventory tracking system. With the ability to label your tools and machines with a simple barcode, you can easily scan all items into your database. Equipped with RFID tracking technology, you can also check out multiple inventory items at once. This is extremely helpful when it comes to large assets’ cargo which needs to be checked-in immediately.

RFID labels can also speed up management processes in case of highly mobile businesses. Implementing such practices allow you to raise productivity and operational efficacy for all your work operations.

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Way 2: Track asset locations for refined warehouse management

The first step after checking in inventory is to place it in your warehouse. A haphazard placement may cause confusions and lead employees to waste time. This loss translates into lower productivity which can lead to serious negative impacts, especially for a small business. To cater to such malpractices, you can design a system to record asset location every time employees’ check-in or checkout inventory.

An online inventory tracking system deploys barcode labels to help you enter warehouse positions for all your assets. Doing this makes inventory management much more streamlined. Employees can easily access specific inventory items by scanning the barcode labels tagged the items. Constant monitoring of asset whereabouts also enables you to maintain data transparency and credibility.  

organized online inventory tracking system

Easily retrieve your inventory with an organized tracking label system

Way 3: Maintain optimal stock levels with automated vendor services

One of the biggest inventory challenges faced by companies is stock management. The best strategy is to maintain optimal quality as well as quantities. But due to price incentives in the market, firms often overstock. While this may seem beneficial in the short-term, extra inventory is prone to damage and wastage in the long run. You can use an online inventory control software to tackle stock issues.

Using this software enables you to store all your vendor details with asset information. Availability of this data makes it easier to order inventory on time with the following advantages:

  • A higher rate of inventory turnover
  • A lower rate of stock outs
  • Accurate ability to forecast usage patterns

You can also generate purchase orders for all your inventory items before you run out. Carry out seamless daily tasks without unexpected outages using automated stock management.

Way 4: Set up user roles to control access to inventory

Your inventory is a valuable asset and needs uptight supervision to ensure optimal performance. A lack of a management system can lead to loss of expensive tools and machines which ultimately takes a toll on your finances. One way to stop unauthorized usage of inventory can be to define user roles for all your assets. This can be easily done with the help of an online inventory tracking system.

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With a diverse set of features to restrict employee access, you can maintain high-level security for your inventory base. Doing this can be a great way to control usage for various departments as well. Login enabled access means that employees can only use items designated for their department. Increase efficiency levels through robust user management routines.

user control online inventory tracking system

Define user roles for your inventory to implement robust security

Endorse EZOfficeInventory to implement a streamlined inventory tracking routine

Holding excess inventory ties up a lot of cash and can put your business in debt, if not utilized in the correct manner. The right management practices involve deploying a robust online inventory tracking system to run daily work operations. When choosing a software, make sure you can customize it according to your business needs as well. EZOfficeInventory offers you to do this and much more to gain the maximum outcome from your capital investments.

EZOfficeInventory comes packed with a diverse set of features for inventory tracking. Say, for instance, you want to reserve a couple of assets for a particular event for your company.

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Equipped with a dashboard calendar, EZOfficeInventory offers you to check the status of all your tools at one place. Book the items you want in time to carry out flawless office events.

In addition to this, EZOfficeInventory lets you store business information in a customized manner. This comes in handy when you want to label your inventory as per specific company requirements. Using this database, you can also generate actionable performance reports for all your assets as well. This lets you forecast demand and make the necessary arrangements. Invest in EZOfficeInventory today to get improved results tomorrow!

Learn how to boost performance through our online inventory tracking system

EZOfficeInventory is a multi-function inventory tracking software, which offers a wide range of features. Currently being used by numerous businesses worldwide for inventory control, it lets you improve inventory utilization. It enables you to achieve a higher rate of inventory turnover as well.

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