Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Refer A Friend And Earn Valuable Discounts

Refer EZOfficeInventory to your friends and earn $$$


This is an old discount post and this offer is no longer available. To learn about any current discounts we may be offering, please contact our customer support team at

Share the EZOfficeInventory buzz with your friends. You will get a special discount or Amazon gift card when someone you referred signs up. 

Here is how the process works (see image below):


Ready to start earning valuable discounts? Simply use the ‘Refer friends’ option from your name on the top right menu drop-down and send an invitation email to your friend(s). See image below:Rules
There are two options to choose from i.e. ‘Gift Card’ or ‘Apply Discount to My Company’. The following rules apply based on the option selected:

A. Gift Card Rules:
– The person who refers a friend gets an Amazon Gift Card.
– The gift card will have a value equal to the monthly package amount of the new signup.
– The total gift card amount is capped at $500 per person per year.
– The gift cards are sent out at selective days of the year (To inquire about your gift card’s arrival, send us an email at

B. Discount Rules:
– ‘Referring user’s company’ will get credit for the referral.
– Package amount of the new signup shall be credited to the ‘referring company’.
– Credit will be the maximum of referrer’s current package (monthly) amount per referral.
– Credit to be applied towards the referrer’s next due payment.

For more info, email us at

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