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Set an Effective Remote Work Policy for Your Business Amid COVID-19 Concerns


Businesses of all sizes, from global enterprises to local shops, are tackling new and unique challenges due to the spread of COVID-19. The exact economic impact of this breakout is not clear yet. However, as calls for self-quarantine continue to rise, businesses need to take measures that will minimize disruption. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted in a recent media briefing that businesses need to prepare for the spread of COVID-19. They should consider precautionary measures such as replacing in-person meetings with video or telephone conferences and increasing teleworking options.

Whether you are in a high impact area or one that is yet to be hit by the virus, it is important to be prepared with a remote work policy that works for your business. Here are four tips on setting an effective policy that can help operations run smoothly during this uncertain time.  

1. Set clear rules and guidelines

Business owners are reluctant to offer flexible work options because they fear employee productivity could drop without direct supervision. This is possible since it is hard to hold employees accountable without clear rules and checkpoints. 

As an employer, it is your responsibility to set protocols that will ensure your staff can work successfully from home. Develop a detailed policy and set specific expectations. 

For example, set clear working hours and breaks so your team knows their availability requirement. Tell your employees how you will track time. Will you provide them with all the required tools and equipment such as a laptop etc.? Encourage accountability by including measures such as mandatory check-ins with the manager twice a day, or an end-of-day status email.

Consider your workflows and business needs and set detailed guidelines that are results-driven. Make sure you write this policy down and give your whole team access to it. You can also include it in your employee handbook so all employees are required to read and sign off on it. 

2. Establish goals and KPIs for employee performance

Once you have established clear guidelines for remote work, it is important to measure outcome. Set clear goals and KPIs for employees who are not working in the office so they have a strong sense of purpose. Setting goals motivates people who start to lose interest in their work without a stimulating environment and face-to-face interaction. For example, a remote worker can be asked to resolve a certain number of customer queries within a day or close a certain number of sales. 

3. Test your policy on a small scale

Test your remote work policy to ensure it is ready to be launched. Before implementing, choose a small group of employees and allow them to work from home. They can test the protocols you have put in place and report on their effectiveness. This allows you to fine-tune your policies before enabling them for the whole organization. 

Likewise, you can also test the policy for a limited time period. For example, allow your team to work from home for a day and review the results to make effective changes. 

4. Choose the right tools and technology

Equip your employees for success. Invest in technology that is designed to enable remote work such as instant chat, secure document sharing, and web conferencing tools etc. These ensure effective collaboration and valuable face time which makes employees feel like they are part of a team.

How can EZOfficeInventory help?

Our cloud-based equipment tracking software facilitates powerful remote management of business operations. Get real-time data and give your employees specialized access to information. Manage your physical assets from a single source and stay informed on your business landscape at all times. 

Here are a few ways you can use your equipment tracking software to minimize business disruption during this challenging time: 

  • Use customized alerts to communicate special instructions to employees during item(s) Check-in and Checkout. 
  • Managing procurement through EZOfficeInventory? Communicate quickly and easily with vendors to streamline deliveries.
  • Carry out maintenance events through our Work Orders module. Remote employees can collaborate effectively and you can track progress as well as encourage accountability via Alerts, Work Logs, and prioritized events. Given the current circumstances, you can also attach employee health/hygiene checklists with each Work Order. 
  • Use this time to create and review reports to get a pulse on your business. Choose from our extensive range of standard report formats or create a custom report for your specific requirements. 

Utilize our full range of functions to minimize business disruption while observing the recommended safety measures. Please reach out to our support team with any questions. We are available to address your concerns and offer assistance so your business operations can run as smoothly as possible during these challenging times.

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