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EZOfficeInventory Custom Substates: Use Cases for Different Industries


Custom Substates in EZOfficeInventory give users the flexibility to incorporate their specific workflows within existing asset states. This feature was designed to offer even more customization to users and organizations so they can tailor the system to suit their business operations. 

Every organization has unique requirements for their asset workflows. With this new feature,  you can select appropriate states for your assets and asset stock. Here are three use case examples of custom substates and how they can benefit your business:  

Use case #1- AV and event management

Shipments and deliveries constitute a big part of  the Audio Visual and Event Management industry workflows. These companies usually have numerous assets being checked out to different locations for  major events. In order to keep the whole process running smoothly, administrators can create  multiple states to clearly  depict the movement of assets. For example, an AV company sourcing assets from another location could deploy multiple substates such as:

  • Available: Ready for checkout
  • Checked out: Dispatched port
  • Checked out: In Transit
  • Checked out: Receiving port 
  • Available: Arrived at warehouse

Use case # 2- construction

A construction firm’s maintenance team has to run each heavy machinery item through inspections before putting the item into service, repair or calibration. With Custom States, the maintenance team user will be able to create substates for maintenance and set an order for states progression by defining transitions between the states. A regular maintenance cycle for a construction company can look like this:

  • Maintenance: Ready for inspection 
  • Maintenance: Unsuccessful inspection
  • Maintenance: Service/repair 
  • Maintenance: Inspection complete
  • Maintenance: Available for use

Note: Multiple pathways can exist for a Custom Substate. For instance, an asset can be moved to Maintenance: unavailable to book after it has failed inspection. Upon successful inspection, the asset can then be moved to Maintenance: available for use. 

Use case # 3- education

In industries such as  education and healthcare multi tier approvals are common before an item can be checked out to the final user. Due to varying levels of authorization, an item can take very long to reach its final user if not guided through the correct channels. For this purpose, custom substates enables you to set numerous review channels to streamline the checkout process. A checkout process for a tablet in a school may look like this:

  • Available: Review 1 Admin
  • Available: Review 2 Inspection
  • Available: Review 3 Teacher
  • Available: Ready to book
  • Checked out: Delivered to Receiver  

If you are interested in enabling this feature, please reach out to for further assistance.

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