Track your assets down to the very minute

What’s new?

We released a much requested feature this week which will allow more precise and accurate tracking of check-in/checkout time spans.  Check-in and check out actions will now allow you to specify the time in addition to the date. This feature will enable you to:

1. Keep a more detailed check in and check out record for your assets.

2. Manage reservations better  and avoid conflicts based on time.

3. Perform granular monitoring of asset returns and overdue (based on time).

How do I use it?

Specify the return date and time while checking out an asset.

In the example above, Rose is due to return this asset at 4:00 pm on June 11, 2020. She could have left the Time blank if she wished to. Moreover, she may still checkout the asset indefinitely by marking the Checkout indefinitely checkbox.

Similarly, you may also specify a time while extending checkout (as seen in the figure below)

This makes the Check in and Check out report of an asset more detailed, and hence more insightful. Here is an example that shows the check-in/checkout event report of a particular asset and the associated time stamps.

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