Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs University Of Wisconsin Madison Hybrid Vehicle Team Partners With Ezofficeinventory And Use Its Asset Tracking Software To Lift Productivity

University of Wisconsin, Madison Hybrid Vehicle Team partners with EZOfficeInventory to lift productivity to the next level


Carson City, NV, June 24, 2015 (PRWEB) University of Wisconsin – Madison, Hybrid Vehicle Team (UWHVT), a cutting edge electric powertrain team received a significant productivity boost by partnering with EZOfficeInventory – a leading cloud-based Asset Tracking software.

Carson City based, EZOfficeInventory – a product of EZ Web Enterprises, is enabling businesses worldwide to track their assets, enhance workforce collaboration and boost productivity.

EZOfficeInventory has enabled UWHVT to radically improve their workspace processes, making it possible to track assets and manage better the research and workspace through team collaboration. UWHVT partnered with EZOfficeInventory as part of a larger effort to implement the 5S workplace methodology, targeted towards better management and collaboration. Here is what Weston Hartman, Team Leader at UWHVT had to say about EZOfficeInventory:

“We had no existing inventory system prior to EZOfficeInventory. Parts and tools were commonly misplaced, lost or hidden within the auto shop and basement storage room. We typically had inventory in stock, but couldn’t locate it, so it was reordered again and again. Once we migrated to EZOfficeInventory, everything was taken out, sorted out or thrown away. This created a lot of extra room in storage – allowing us to organize it more efficiently. All sorted items were inventoried in EZOfficeInventory along with photos and barcodes attached to them. Using EZOfficeInventory, we are hoping that it will greatly reduce our build time in the upcoming years (in future), making our team work quicker and more effectively”.

UWHVT has also partnered with automotive companies to test the vehicles with their technology installed including General Motors , Ford and Ballard Power Systems.

“We’re proud of our partnership with University of Wisconsin, Madison, Hybrid Vehicle Research as they push towards a greener future by enabling zero-emission vehicles. In addition, EZOfficeInventory continues to enable thousands of businesses to be successful through better asset tracking system and asset inventory management”, said Syed Ali, CEO EZOfficeInventory.

Source: EZOfficeInventory – Asset Tracking Software

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