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3 Ways Media Agencies Can Utilize Equipment Tracking Software For Organized Events


Asset tracking technology has been assisting many organizations and industries including media agencies since its inception. For holding an organized event, you need to keep track of who needs what and at which location at what time. This can get very confusing particularly when you do not have all the data managed in one access point that enables transparency for you – on everything that is going on. You can eventually plan out unique needs of each event.

Working in the fast-paced environment today entertainment, broadcast, and media companies have to assemble the most relevant digital asset as fast as they can, increase revenue opportunities and streamline production costs. In order to pump up productivity levels, staff members have to quickly access, assemble, preview and deliver media equipment. A business-centric media equipment tracking and management solution is a must for managing assets, processes, and workflows throughout media agencies.

Equipment tracking software and media agencies

When running an ad agency or any other media agency, your day is jam-packed with monitoring placements, tracking your valuable media equipment, landing clients and this is just a topping of the whole cake. Running a media agency demands insane organizational skills for multi-tasking and superhuman-like attention to details. The juggling act only gets worse when your agency begins to grow and you are required to have organized events. You are either left with an option of driving yourself insane by the surrounding chaos or actually look for a workable solution that leans out all your operations and scales with your agency.

Equipment tracking software can take care of the nitty-gritty details of managing all your valuable audio-visual equipment right through one central dashboard. The central database serves as an easy point of reference. If you are on the look-out for a solution that can change all the chaos into a well-managed flow of activities, you should definitely go for an equipment tracking software.

Below are some of the proven ways that media agencies can use equipment tracking solution for organized events:

One: The software locates an equipment in real-time

So you have a photographic memory but the truth is you are only one person with such an amazing memory. What about your employees? They won’t be able to get hold of you when they need a piece of equipment needed for the event. Sometimes reaching out to someone in order to have access to a certain equipment can go on for days or even weeks. You cannot let this happen when it comes to your employees and especially when you are trying to organize an event. If they need to use high-quality cameras, some audio equipment or simply camera lights, they simply don’t have time to figure out where exactly they are located.

location management equipment tracking software

Being able to locate the right equipment at the right time and at the right place boosts productivity and efficiency.

Having a record of media equipment will let all your employees know where exactly the equipment is when they need them. The more storage rooms you have, the more challenging it becomes to get your hands on the required equipment making it difficult for your event to become a success. With a robust media equipment tracking software in place, you can easily track the availability of your valuable tools and equipment at any time. Equipment tracking solution also augments easy communication and enables all the team members to be on the same page at the same time. As a result, this tremendously decreases the possibility of costly workflow redundancies and decreases inefficiencies.

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Two: The solution keeps everything organized

event management equipment tracking software

Remember the last time you misplaced your phone or maybe remote control and simply wished you could have a tracking device to locate it immediately? Now come to think of the same frustration but an amplified one. This is exactly what happens when you lose track of countless moving equipment at media agencies like in production, program preparation, news, sports or radio. For industries like advertising or entertainment, utilizing and organizing hundreds and thousands of assets can be a major challenge. You are losing minutes, hours or even days of productive work looking for it.

Equipment tracking solution aids in keeping all the media equipment organized which cuts down on the time spent in looking for them.

Media agencies are brimming with thousands of equipment – to name a few – lighting kits, audio gear, professional cameras and their costly accessories like super expensive lenses, camera sliders, boom pole, or DSLR shoulder mount rig. One of the powerful and crucial aspects of equipment tracking system include organizing your assets in such a manner that helps you easily navigate and find them. That and also filter out the ones that you don’t intend to use. It provides an intuitive and logical hierarchy for storing media assets. This will enable you to drill down assets that are relevant to particular events, helping you narrow down your focus and instantly locate just the assets you need.

Three: The software increases data security and equipment safety

You don’t want your equipment or tool breaking down right in the middle of an event. If you want to reduce the loss of work time and make your equipment safer for both operators and the environment, equipment tracking software can make this a reality. It helps media agencies check and maintain equipment on a regular basis in order to prevent critical failures and prevent malfunction during events. With equipment tracking system, you can focus on preventative maintenance which reduces equipment downtime. This means your repair costs are also reduced.

You can also use your mobile devices to gain access to real-time information regarding all your media equipment. Your equipment tracking solution will allow you to track lifecycle information, equipment model along with maintenance and repair records. If you want to make better-informed decisions about your company’s equipment as a whole, you need to keep tabs on this data over time so that you can highlight asset trends.

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