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Web Based Equipment Maintenance Software: How Can It Help Your Business?


Web based equipment maintenance software: The need

They say when you take care of your assets, only then they take care of your business. Equipment and machinery require being routinely updated, cared and maintained if you want them to function well and fulfill your business needs. Many businesses out there actually depend on their equipment for getting increased profit margins. Without proper maintenance and care, equipment cannot continue to function without causing abrupt disruption in your business.

Companies are investing money and resources into adding an equipment maintenance software for a reason. Many companies mistakenly believe that they are actually saving money by not purchasing a maintenance software. However, they are costing themselves quiet more because of downtimes. While many things can go wrong in maintenance management, making use of a web based equipment maintenance software results in on-time and improved equipment maintenance.

With a web based equipment maintenance software, you can save yourself the installation time because it is up and running only in minutes. It also adapts to businesses with both onsite and fieldwork operations. The solution enhances the overall productivity by making scheduling easy, decreasing equipment downtime, planning preventive maintenance and reducing repair costs.

How does a web based equipment maintenance software help businesses?

1. It lowers the repair costs

preventive web based equipment maintenance software

Keeping your equipment well-maintained is the primary use of an equipment maintenance solution. A food and beverage industry cannot afford to have their freezer break down. It can spoil all the frozen meat and fish it contains. Keeping it well-maintained becomes a priority. Timely maintenance undoubtedly plays a vital role in keeping your production lines functioning well, round the clock. If such issues are recurring, luckily, the equipment maintenance log software solution can make it a thing of past. A well-maintained equipment shows up with fewer breakdowns which means lesser repair costs.

Use equipment maintenance software to prevent recurring maintenance issues and lower repair costs

It is no wonder automated methods for ongoing maintenance decrease the overall costs. You can also easily schedule preventive maintenance and eliminate paperwork. Preventive maintenance saves your expensive equipment from malfunction or at least allows them to function smoothly for a longer time. This does not delay the need for replacement. Secondly, rather than spending hours to track each of your work on an excel sheet or a filing cabinet, you can use the equipment tracking system. It automatically sends alerts regarding maintenance issues and assigns staff members the repair tasks. You don’t have to waste time anymore on figuring out what needs to be done.

2. Work order management becomes a breeze

Juggling work orders can be a tough nut to crack, particularly, for a company that owns hundreds of equipment or few very expensive ones. Web based equipment maintenance software gives your organization a leg up on the competition. It does that by enhancing workflow and letting you assign, schedule and close work orders easily and quickly. You can track all your work orders in one system and record history associated with each and every equipment you have.

This web-based technology can also integrate into your current ERP or CRM preventing any duplication of data. It allows you to exchange data between equipment maintenance software and the existing systems. A secure and robust web-based system means that the technical staff and the management team can share information. It can be either shared on mobile applications or desktop at all times – making maintenance planning and job allocation accessible.

You can easily schedule tasks and plan maintenance operations beforehand. The scheduling feature in equipment maintenance solution lets you make attribution and distribution of repair and service tasks really simple and quick. You can conveniently juggle the availability of your workforce in order to meet planned or unplanned interventions with just a mere click.

3. You gain mobility with real-time flow of equipment data

on the go web based equipment maintenance software

Mobility is an inevitable part of today’s business culture. The ability to manage your equipment and business activities from a distant location has become crucial. You need to be able to coordinate with your team or control your business even when you are not in the office. It doesn’t matter where you are. A web based equipment maintenance system allows you to have complete access to all the tools you require. And you can do this from your favorite mobile devices like desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Remain aware of all your equipment activities no matter where you are

You can quickly scan equipment barcodes in order to pull out the equipment record, create a work order and take a picture of any damaged equipment. As soon the equipment repair is complete, your technician can use his/her mobile device to take a picture of the completed task. Users can attach it to the work order and simply close it right at the spot.

Furthermore, your employees can certainly save time while in the field. Using their mobile devices, they can update stock levels, meter readings, maintenance logs and much more. This way your data remain up-to-date at all times. This real-time flow of data allows managers to always know exactly what needs repair, how much it is costing them, what is the amount of spare parts needed and other things, all in real-time. For instance, an oil industry needs to maintain and update the inventory of parts and tools for machinery and refineries. Instead of rush-ordering parts that are required immediately, equipment maintenance software can help plan the purchases well in advance. This prevents any unexpected downtime and money loss.

EZOfficeInventory – Boost your equipment maintenance!

It doesn’t matter if your business is based on on-field operations or onsite, you will be able to power up performance and time. This is done with our maintenance tracking features of EZOfficeInventory like scheduling, carrying out preventive maintenance and efficiently dealing with downtimes. As a result, you can optimize equipment inspection, breakdowns and installation causing fewer breakdowns. As a result, you will not require a large number of technicians you would otherwise.

Our system allows the management and technical teams to communicate effectively based on the shared and real-time information. It lets you optimally utilize your equipment, increase the overall efficiency of your business and save extra maintenance costs. It also comes with automation features like automated alerts that help to manage the day-to-day business activities, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of business growth. Whether it is low stock items, overdue work orders, audit requests or repairs, we have you covered!

When your equipment is well-maintained, their life extends. This actually means you don’t have to spend much on replacements or purchase of new equipment. EZOfficeInventory offers a centralized system that contains all the relevant data regarding your equipment’s maintenance requirement, inventory, service history and spare part replacement. All of this keeps your business organized with maximum performance.

Want to learn more about our web based equipment maintenance software?

EZO CMMS is a powerful web based equipment maintenance tool used by businesses of all sizes. Let your business operations flow smoothly without disruptions!

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