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EZOfficeInventory Integrates With Zendesk Sunshine


“Here comes the Sun!” It’s not the iconic Beatles song we’re referring to here, but our groundbreaking collaboration with Zendesk to help build the future of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by integrating with Zendesk Sunshine. It is an open and flexible CRM platform that will revolutionize the way you interact with your Customers.

It’s a new day! The enterprise CRM space is continuously evolving because Customers today are more informed, empowered and want quick solutions. Many often want issues resolved before there’s a need to report them.

You definitely want to make this happen by offering cutting-edge customer service to your end-consumers. This ensures that their concerns are sorted even before they notice them, establishing you as a Customer Experience (CX) leader in the market.

Your Customers are braving their way into the future and demand you to deliver to their needs. However, you are often held back by legacy CRM systems that are proprietary and vendor locked-in.

They are hard to integrate with emerging applications. This prevents your in-house developers from building unique and personalized solutions for your Customers.

Adding to this, Customers today are using diverse technology services; their data living almost everywhere in the digital universe. You cannot truly understand your Customers unless you can view all dimensions of who they really are, what they do and what they want.

Traditional CRM systems also hinder you from seeing a 360° view of your Customers. They fail to successfully pull in data from siloed business applications. We understand your struggle and are working to make your lives easier.

Note: The integration is automatically applied for EZOfficeinventory users that have Sunshine enabled through their Zendesk accounts. Once access to Sunshine is enabled through a Zendesk profile, you will be able to utilize its many functions without any additional steps. 


  1. EZOfficeInventory is reshaping your CX landscape with Zendesk Sunshine
  2. Provide proactive Customer service with EZOfficeInventory and Zendesk Sunshine
  3. EZOfficeInventory is paving a way for endless CRM possibilities with Zendesk Sunshine

EZOfficeInventory is reshaping your CX landscape with Zendesk Sunshine

In our pursuit to reshape your CX landscape, EZOfficeInventory has partnered with Zendesk Sunshine to illuminate the long-eclipsed realm of your Customer and business data. We have standardized our tech stack and shifted our Asset database to the open and flexible CRM platform of Zendesk Sunshine.

Sunshine is built on the server-less architecture of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It pulls up and connects your Customer data, whichever business application it lives in so you can use it to power your customer service workflows in a jiffy!

EZOfficeInventory has added another layer of business data to the Sunshine platform under Sunshine Objects. Zendesk users that need critical Asset information will no longer need to scurry around integrating with generic Asset Management Systems.

EZOfficeInventory can route its Asset data through Sunshine and populate it on your Zendesk workspace. This means you do not need to juggle between different applications.

Powered by AWS, EZOfficeInventory now also supports standard and open languages and framework. This makes it easier for developers to deploy custom CRM applications for your business using Asset data from EZOfficeInventory and Customer data from the Zendesk Suite.

Furthermore, deep third-party integrations offered by EZOfficeInventory with other AWS powered applications offer you valuable insights on how to optimize your business workflows.

Provide proactive Customer service with EZOfficeInventory and Zendesk Sunshine

EZOfficeInventory is reshaping your CX landscape with Zendesk Sunshine

Here’s a use case on how you can employ a custom business application extracting data from Zendesk Sunshine and EZOfficeInventory to fuel a proactive Customer service approach in your future business workflows.

Imagine you run a hypothetical fleet management business called Phoenix Fleets. Liam, one of your regular Customers, has ordered four minivans to transport his AV equipment to an event. While he’s loading the AV equipment into the minivans, tire pressure in one of his vans suddenly starts dropping.

Use case: Pheonix Fleet Management

Here’s what happens if you have developed a custom Phoenix application using EZOfficeInventory and Zendesk Sunshine to resolve Customer issues:

  • A sensor installed in the minivan’s tire is triggered and signals the Zendesk service desk about the issue.
  • A ticket is automatically created in Zendesk Support integrated into your Phoenix application to replace the minivan.
  • This ticket gets assigned to Joe, a technical support agent at Phoenix.
  • Joe needs the right tools and information to help Liam.
  • Sunshine Profiles and Events pull in Customer data from third-party applications regarding where Liam is and what he is doing.
  • EZOfficeInventory routes Asset data onto Sunshine Objects and displays the number of minivans available in your fleet to replace one of Liam’s minivans.
  • All your Customer and business data is populated in your Phoenix application workspace via Sunshine and EZOfficeInventory, giving Joe a complete overview of the technical situation.
  • Joe dispatches one of the available minivans to Liam’s location.
  • Liam gets the van replaced before he even heads for the event and his van breaks down in the way.

There! You covered up the mess before it even happened or was noticed by your Customer. This is what the new generation of CX looks like. This is what EZOfficeInventory will help you accomplish with Zendesk Sunshine.

A friction-less Customer service workflow with an infinitely open CRM platform. With EZOfficeInventory and Sunshine, you will be way ahead of your Customers, even your competitors!

EZOfficeInventory is paving a way for endless CRM possibilities with Zendesk Sunshine

EZOfficeInventory paves a way for endless CRM possibilities with Zendesk Sunshine

We, here at EZOfficeInventory believe in constantly heading towards new possibilities when it comes to providing enterprise solutions. Thus, we are working with Zendesk Sunshine to establish ourselves as a modern business choice that gives you a competitive edge and flexibility to scale up and transform the way you deliver to your Customers.

Our integration with Zendesk Sunshine aims not only to centralize Customer and business database. It also seeks to open new avenues for your business by unlocking the creativity of your developers.

By shifting our Asset data to the standard public cloud of Amazon Web Services, we give your developers the liberty to build custom products and services using the tools and codes they have long known and love.

With EZOfficeInventory, you can access Customer data from all Zendesk products and also make use of services in the AWS universe to experiment and create innovative CRM applications, without having to go through clunky integration processes first.

If you are an EZOfficeInventory customer that uses Zendesk, we are handing you all the tools you need to build a more refined Customer experience on a plate.

Conclusion: We’re spearheading to a new day

Our integration with Zendesk Sunshine puts as at the foreground of two major trends in the enterprise CRM space.

First, we’re converging various digital connections to make a single huge platform on Zendesk Sunshine that houses all the relevant Customer information. This will allow you to build a continuous, multi-dimensional relationship with your customers rather than having one and done sales interactions.

Second, by relying on the server-less infrastructure of AWS and Zendesk Sunshine, we are re-engineering our business application to be more flexible for use with any current and emerging technologies.

While our competitors are spending millions in building for themselves, we are investing our time and resources to build for you and your software development needs. EZOfficeInventory is ready for a new take on enterprise CRM by integrating with Zendesk Sunshine soon.

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EZOfficeInventory is the leading Asset tracking software soon to be compatible with Zendesk Sunshine. It will allow you to integrate and use your Asset data with any third party application built on Amazon Web Services.

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