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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS How To Remove Stock From Inventory On The Mobile App

How to remove stock from inventory on the mobile app?

From the Inventory Listing Page on the mobile app, go to the inventory item’s detail page you want to remove stock from! For example, Lens cleaning solution (Stock Location: Warehouse in Manhattan) required for a photoshoot (See image below).

Inventory detail page

Note: The toggle ‘view by stock’ enables you to view stock quantity based on locations. For example, out of 5000, 500 eco-bags are located in a Warehouse on Brooklyn Road.

Hit the ‘Play’ button. Fill in the required quantity and price e.g. 10 at $5/unit. Click ‘Remove Stock’ when you’re done.

remove inventory stock

See the change in the inventory detail page once stock has been removed:

removed stock quantity

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