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How Can Your Small Business Best Use An Online Asset Tracking RFID Software?


Choosing Asset tracking RFID software: What factors to consider?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been available for around 50 years but has been endorsed by businesses only recently. Starting with the manufacturing sector, RFID has been used as an inventory control and tracking mechanism. This is mainly because of the highly-effective features offered by the technology. The RFID consists of a small electronic device which comes with a small chip, capable of storing 2000 bytes of data. Having the ability to function around 20 feet through high-frequency electronics, RFID can query devices from a distance as well.

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As technology progresses to cut down overhead costs even further, companies that fail to upgrade remain at a financial disadvantage. For this very reason, firms resort to asset tracking RFID software to carry out daily operations and achieve higher productivity.

In order to improve management processes, a business should choose a software which caters to its requirements. It is important to keep the following factors in mind when choosing an RFID asset tracking software:

  1. Easy scalability and adaptability: When organizations expand, they tend to outgrow the software program which was installed 5 years ago. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to choose a system which has the capacity to adapt to your business.
  2. Protection against unauthorized access: Your company’s data is important. Once lost, it can be very hard to recover it if you have no backup. Web-based software offers to do this for your business.
  3. Ability to work on-the-go: Due to increased mobility, employees need access to a working software for off-site projects. A system with an integrated mobile app makes daily tasks much more streamlined.

The use of an asset tracking RFID software allows you to optimize utilization to maximize outcome.

Learn how to get a high rate of return on your capital investments through the following features of an RFID software:

1. Carry out mass actions at once for faster asset checkouts

An employee working in the administration department is required to check out various tools and machines for use to the entire office. A slow manual system can make this process inefficient and has a greater risk of human error. In contrast, an asset tracking RFID system uses advanced technology to scan and record equipment for faster check-in and checkout routines. An electronic barcode label on all your assets reduces the incidence of data entry mistakes and raises accuracy. These tags also allow employees to simply enter all relevant information regarding an asset in the system for future reference.

With the use of RFID tracking, you can check multiple items out at once which helps you to speed up administrative processes as well. Run seamless asset transactions to meet the deadlines and complete daily tasks effectively!

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2. Document asset movements across locations to maintain transparency

With hundreds of tools moving in and out of the office, it becomes tough to keep track of who is using what. Due to the lack of a robust check and balance mechanism, companies suffer from inventory losses through theft or misplacement. The best way to tackle such instances is to install a rigorous asset tracking RFID software. Equipped with the ability to record location updates for each and every asset checkout, this software makes daily tasks much more streamlined.

Every time an employee wants to take out an asset for use, he simply has to scan the item to enter its current location. These practices help align warehouse management as well. With the GPS coordinates stored in your system, it makes it easier to retrieve an equipment. Enhance data transparency by recording the location of assets when you check-in or checkout inventory.

asset tracking rfid software location management

Monitor asset locations for streamlined workflows

3. Configure recurring maintenance services for improved performance

Being a small business, you cannot afford to experience extended asset downtimes. Such instances cause unwanted delays in daily work operations and lead to expensive overhead expenditures. An asset tracking RFID software lets you schedule maintenance sessions for all your tools and machines as soon as you check them in. Doing this ensures, all your assets are taken care of.

By keeping service and repair records, you can aim to achieve:

  • Specialized maintenance programs suited to your assets
  • Deal with issues regarding warranty claims of equipment
  • Raises safety standards in your company

Send out alerts and notifications when you schedule service tickets for all your assets. This improves the overall business performance.

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4. Gain in-depth insights into business progress through usage reports

A business cannot progress unless it works on to build upon its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses. This is only possible when a firm tends to record its performance and productivity levels across time. Your company can do this by keeping a track of usage and service history through an asset tracking RFID software.

With modules like customized reports available, this software enables you to store all relevant data on asset utilization. You can adjust this information by asset type and model to give you specific results. An in-depth analysis also lets you forecast future demands and business growth patterns. Prepare actionable reports to improve business outcome and management processes.

asset tracking rfid software history reports

Design customized usage history reports for detailed analysis

Formulate high-performance business asset strategies with EZOfficeInventory

Almost 50% of small businesses fail to survive their first year and 95% never make it to the 5-year mark. While this number is alarming, it doesn’t have to be true for your small company as well. The key to attaining higher revenues to sustain your business lies in implementing the right tools and strategies. In order to do this, you need to learn how to take care of your assets. This can be done with the help of cloud-based software programs like EZOfficeInventory, which offers multiple features to boost growth and productivity.

Every business is unique and for this very reason, EZOfficeInventory lets you tailor your asset database as per your requirements. Differentiation allows you to focus more on what products make you stand out from the market and devise plans to improve them to outlive competition. This can be done by customized templates and actionable analysis reports available within EZOfficeInventory.

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For a business to fully utilize its potential, it is critical that it deploys the best resources. EZOfficeInventory lets you do exactly this through integrations with various other software for maximum impact. Choose EZOfficeInventory and start your journey on the road to success with supercharged RFID asset tracking features!

Interested to find more about our asset tracking RFID software?

EZOfficeInventory is highly used RFID asset tracking software by small and medium business firms worldwide. The software allows companies to attain asset optimization and gain higher revenues through improved performance.

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