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RFID Asset Tracking Healthcare Solution: An Overview


Improve medical equipment visibility: Provide better quality care  

Asset tracking technology is the new phenomena in the healthcare sector. It is being endorsed by a majority of hospitals and medical institutions because of its diverse set of features. One of the greatest troubles faced by hospitals is the abnormally high rate of equipment loss or theft. This occurrence is a cause of alarm mainly because of the irreplaceable damage it constitutes upon the healthcare organizations.  

Medical equipment can cost up to hundreds of dollars and is often funded by external parties. In such cases, it becomes difficult for hospitals to try to buy new assets every time the previous ones disappear. To help healthcare organizations deal with such instances, RFID asset tracking provides a list of value-added functions to raise efficiency levels. Hospitals can achieve the following benefits from RFID tracking systems:

  1. Eliminate the loss and underutilization of assets
  2. Enhance work management and staff satisfaction
  3. Attain compliance with hygiene protocols

Due to the rise in life expectancy, hospitals are under immense pressure to meet the safety standards and maintain the quality of health. This is where RFID asset tracking healthcare comes in.

Equipped with advanced technology, the software aims to raise productivity as well as operational efficacy in hospitals in the following ways:

1. Take multiple inventory actions with RFID asset scans


Medical institutions are designed to operate in emergency situations. Doctors and staff workers are ready to take on patients as soon as they get admitted. Then, why should hospitals suffer from obsolete management practices? To enable optimized utilization of assets and, RFID hospital asset tracking solution allows you to monitor and supervise tool movements at all times. This can come in extremely handy when employees want to check-in and check-out equipment for daily operations. A unique identification number lets you easily update your asset logs against a user’s name for data transparency. In addition to faster checkouts, you can carry out mass actions with RFID readers as well. By using this feature, doctors can checkout operation toolkits with a single scan. Attend to a maximum number of patients with streamlined asset tracking facilities available at your health care center.

2. Fight infections with automated sterilization sessions

The greatest cause of the spread of viruses in hospitals is unsanitized instruments. Due to lack of care and vigilance regarding cleanliness, medical institutes lose numerous patients every year. Bacterial contamination can be easily controlled with rigorous maintenance workshops for all surgical instruments and tools. Since it can be tough to keep the record of these sessions manually, RFID asset tracking healthcare software does it for you. This software comes with a whole set of features to help you run service and repair for your hospital equipment. You can set sterilization events with for your hospital tools by sending out alerts in advance. Doing so allows you to check-in all assets without missing out on any. For a more refined experience, you can also set recurring service tickets to automate maintenance. Raise the quality of life by meeting safety standards and providing a hygienic environment to both doctors and patients.

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3. Prevent equipment breakdowns through depreciation management

When your hospital inventory comprises of expensive medical instruments and machines, you cannot afford to have them break down every now and then. This is because once equipment malfunctions, spare parts might not be easy to find or cost a fortune. The best way to prevent unexpected downtimes and check them in for maintenance is to keep a record of depreciation rates. RFID asset tracking healthcare software has a whole section devoted to lifecycle management. It is extremely user-friendly and has the ability to help you organize and note down how equipment progresses along its useful lifespan. Since not all equipment has the same depreciation rate, you can create customized templates to monitor individual assets. Such practices make it possible to predict asset devaluation rates for optimized usage.

rfid asset tracking healthcare maintenance feature

Minimize machinery breakdowns with recurring service sessions  

4. Generate purchase orders to replenish medical stock on time  

The Food and Drug Administration defines the expiration date as the time period before a drug is safe for use. There has been a debate going on about whether medicines can be used beyond their useful shelf life. Research shows that expired drugs lose their potency and can be life-threatening to patients who use them. For this very reason, it becomes critical to implement robust stock management regimes at your healthcare center. Giving out expired drugs can make you liable to big fines which exceed the delegated healthcare budgets. An ideal solution would be to set minimum thresholds levels as per stock expiration dates.

A robust RFID asset tracking healthcare software lets you generate automated purchase orders whenever you reach the set limit. By doing this, you can buy a new batch of medicinal instruments on time. Enable seamless medical stock management through timely purchase order placed through your chosen vendors. 

Raise quality of life at your healthcare center with EZOfficeInventory

Information technology regulations are reforming the healthcare sector. The introduction of cloud-based software programs has made asset tracking much more streamlined for medical institutions. Due to increasing safety restrictions and high spread of infectious bacteria, the majority of hospitals are forced to resort to sophisticated systems of management. EZOfficeInventory is a robust hospital asset tracking software designed especially for medical organizations to carry out flawless daily operations.  

With the facility of RFID tracking technology, EZOfficeInventory lets you tag all your assets for constant updates on usage. Using this feature, the software also lets you check the current status of available medical instruments. This is useful when staff workers want to instantly check out certain equipment. An availability calendar also lets you book and reserve hospital rooms and instruments in advance for important operations that you want to schedule.  

Easy check-in and checkout practices let you maintain an accurate system of asset data. Building upon this data you can spot patterns in consumption of tools and medical services. An in-depth analytical study of usage history empowers you to forecast future growth as well.  Learn from your weaknesses and optimize asset usage to provide an improved experience of patient care with EZOfficeInventory!

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EZOfficeInventory is a high function RFID asset tracking tool adopted by hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide. The software allows medical institutes to meet safety standards and offer higher and better quality care.

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