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Customization in Asset Tracking Software: Supercharged Features Tailored to Your Business


As a business, your ultimate goal is to achieve excellence in your niche market, develop exclusive products that are different from the competitors’ and attract buyers by your ability to cater to individual needs. This is where customization comes in. Customized products are better suited to manage a client’s needs and give an opportunity to add special features to cater to their business model. These kinds of products are all the rage in the software industry, as they allow companies to execute unique administrative workflows quickly and seamlessly. Below, we’ll take you through some of the benefits of customization your business can avail when using asset tracking software!

So what type of custom changes can be made to asset tracking software?

The process of customization makes the product better suited to your asset management needs. Here are some handy features that enable your company to carry out diverse operational processes with little effort:

Customized Notifications

Not happy with the monotonous formal alerts you receive? Need to perk up notifications to send real-time reminders? Customized asset tracking software has all that solved for you. With the help of custom notifications, you can send email-based reminders for any event you want. And apart from that, you can even choose which alerts you want to send out and to whom. Plus, now you don’t need to follow the same format for every email alert! Revise the content however you want to make business communication extremely effective!

asset tracking software

Custom notifications can help improve communication across your organization

Customized Reports

Can’t get the software to prepare a report altered to your needs? Even with the best functions, do you sometimes feel something is missing? Want to know how to solve this discrepancy? The answer is customized reports and documentation! This feature gives you a chance to prepare the analysis your business actually needs. Cycle through different data points, set time frames, and apply filters to your queries. Your reports can be as specific as you want them to be. At the end of it all, you can export these and share them around the workplace at your convenience.

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Customized Views

Is your asset management lagging behind due to lack of proper listings? Are you spending a long time in finding certain asset specifications? Now, you don’t have to worry anymore about this! Asset tracking software allows you to add grids, rows, and columns just the way you want them. You’ll have all your data sorted out in no time! This can help show you information in ways that are most meaningful to you, making data utilization and analysis all the more effective.

Why is customized asset tracking software good for your business?

We’ve detailed some of the most common custom features you can avail through asset tracking software. Let’s delve deeper into their benefits. Here are a couple of ways how customization in equipment management software can lead to higher cost efficiency and more streamlined asset management.

Offering flexibility

Any product designed for mass markets is bound to have some limitations. Boxed products come with a set of rules and regulations which lead to a dead end when it comes to innovation. Without customization, the business is forced to adapt to the restrictions set by the product. Every business has distinctive demands which need to be dealt with in a fluid manner. Customizations in asset tracking software allow for flexibility and promote growth by supporting every business’ individual requirements.   

Catering to future growth

When a business first acquires asset tracking software, it’s not guaranteed that the software will be able to cater to the business as it expands. It is quite possible that the business can outgrow the software limitations and feel the need for something more advanced. However, if you were to opt for a customized tracking solution, you won’t have to face this situation as the product could scale alongside your operations! With the option of custom solutions, asset tracking software foresees the need for future growth and allows you to add on necessary features when needed. This will not only save the hassle of acquiring new software at a later stage but prove to be cost-effective as well!

 asset tracking software

Custom software can help companies scale painlessly through the years

Personalized business

If you are looking for a software that can prepare analytical reports and propose growth patterns according to your specific business model, then customized asset tracking is the solution for you! You can get personalized reports as the software interprets your distinctive circumstances, prepares growth charts and presents solutions based on your needs. This will also help you garner present information to predict future growth patterns and aid in the optimization of assets.

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Easy integration

Custom asset tracking supports smooth integration with various internal and external sites. Integrations with sites such as Zendesk and Onelogin minimize the efforts to extract data from them and allow your users to create linkages between two different functional systems all from one centralized source. By following this practice, you will be able to streamline information, upgrade data consistency and eventually enhance efficiency in asset management.

Cost effective investment

With a custom-built asset tracking software, you can be confident that your long-term goals will be dealt with effectively. The solution grows with your business and offers you a robust system that can smoothly adapt to changing trends. You not only avoid the costs associated with shifting from one software to another, but you’re also saving a lot of money by streamlining workflows, making items more readily available to workers, and using data insights for more well-rounded business decisions. This means if you plan to invest in a customized software, you have a chance of a greater return on investment. This not only aims to boost productivity, but also promotes effective asset management, which in turn will lead to data security and bolstered employee accountability.    

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Customized asset tracking: The way forward

Your choice of equipment tracking software can play an essential role when it comes to asset management. For this, you need to consider present as well as future demands of your business and bear in mind how the needs of your business will change as it expands. Lower priced software and simple settings may seem like a good option for the short-term but will require to be updated once the business acquires new assets in the long term.

Therefore, the best option for your business will be to choose asset tracking software that offers customized solutions. This software not only recognizes your needs, but is able to prepare personal reports, provide on point analysis and bring you closer to your ultimate goal: higher returns on investment.  

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