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Scheduling Custom Reports with Asset Tracking Software


You can schedule custom reports to be sent to company users with the help of EZOfficeInventory. This is a great way to ensure everyone is up-to-date on the latest asset data and eliminates time spent gathering, compiling, and sharing this information with relevant parties.

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Below, we’ll outline the simple steps you need to take to set up scheduled custom reports.

1.Scheduling Custom Reports

1) Click on More from the left-hand side navigation bar and then click on Reports. From the Reports listing page, click on the ‘Creat Custom Report’ button.

Create custom report

2) To schedule the report, you first need to go to Add Ons → Custom Reports and select the following checkbox:

2. enable ability to schedule reports

3) After you’re done creating the custom report, scroll down to the bottom to the generated report. There, click the ‘Schedule Report’ button.

3. schedule report

You can also click ‘Schedule Report’ even after you’ve successfully ran a report.

4) Clicking ‘Schedule Report’ prompts an overlay. It is split up into different sections that are discussed below.

1.1. Name and Users

Give your report a name, and choose the Staff Users or Administrators you’d want to share the report with. Note that members who are unsubscribed to email alerts will not receive any scheduled report alerts. To make sure you are subscribed, go to Name → Edit Profile → Subscribe to Email Alerts.

4. schedule report add users

1.2. Schedule

Decide how often you’d want the report to be sent to company users. You could set it to be sent daily, yearly, and anything in between. The ‘Activate Scheduling’ checkbox highlighted in yellow can be used to turn the report scheduling on and off. This allows you to quickly disable scheduled reports.

5. schedule

Note: Reports are sent out based on your time zone, and the time you’ve chosen to send out alerts.

  • You can change your time zone from Settings → Company Settings → Company Profile → Miscellaneous →  Time Zone.
  • You can change the time that alerts are sent at from Settings → Company Settings → Time for Alerts.

1.3. Report Columns

You can customize the columns to be contained within the report, choose which item category to include, and decide whether you’d want to include retired items in the report.

6. selected and available columns

1.4. Report Filters

As with any custom report, you can also add filters to your reports. When you’re done, click ‘Schedule Report’ at the top right corner.

Add filters

And with that, you’re done! The report will be sent to the chosen company users at the intervals you specified.

2. Existing Scheduled Reports

You can view, edit, and delete existing scheduled reports by going to Custom Reports and clicking the ‘View Scheduled Reports’ button highlighted below:

view scheduled reports

This provides a quick snapshot of all the reports that have been scheduled in the system, including details about their schedule, whether they are active, and so forth.

overlay of scheduled reports

This is also a great place to quickly enable or disable earlier reports by editing a report and addressing the ‘Activate Scheduling’ checkbox.

And with this, you’ll be sharing equipment reports across your organization in no time! To learn more about item reports in EZOfficeInventory, check out our blog post on Item Reports and Data Insights for Streamlined Asset Management.

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