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How to pick the right asset tracking software for your K12

How changes in education are redefining K12 equipment management

Asset tracking software, K12s, and the revolution in education

The educational landscape in North America has changed drastically over the last decade. With a multitude of new disciplines being taught in schools and universities, the importance of emerging technologies in framing educational programs, and the increased focus on extra-curriculars, education has turned into a complex network of courses and activities. In 2015, around 50.1 million American students were enrolled in a K12. This is one of the reasons the cost of providing education is on the rise every year. One of the factors inflating these costs is the increasing educational and recreational assets K12s have to account for.

With this in mind, how do you pick the right asset tracking software for your K12? A well-rounded decision must hinge on the understanding that while all schools are different, they also abide by unfolding educational trends and newly-formulated conventions. We’ll talk about how education has changed in recent times, and how that in turn plays a huge part in determining the kind of equipment management software that’d be the best fit for you.

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Technology takes a bite out of your budget

Today, almost all schools have access to computers, but that’s not all the tech they’re trying to manage. Increasingly, interactive whiteboards are taking the place of many a dusty chalkboard, and graphics tablets are making their presence known in arts programs all over the country. Of course, this means schools have much more valuable equipment to look after, service, and lend to their students. Last year alone, the state spent around $12,605 per student. Part of these funds were allocated to technological provisions for students, ensure they had all the tools they needed to achieve their academic goals. This is why asset tracking software is particularly important for K12s: The ability to check items in and out using Barcodes and QR Codes can really help optimize operations and keep costs low by automating time-intensive operations.

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Equipment downtimes interrupt learning

Ever got stuck with the school computer that crashed every time you saved something? Since computers have become a staple in educational contexts, schools simply cannot afford to have their electronics break down anymore. And yet, this happens all the time. It is estimated that K12s using Macs go through an average of 12.2 downtime incidents each year. Alternatives have an even worse track record! Servicing equipment regularly is therefore crucial if educational workflows are to be maintained. Equipment tracking software can be a great help for schools in this regard. Maintenance modules can be used to predict servicing events, create service tickets, send out calibration alerts, and track all maintenance activities with just the click of a button. This ensures that malfunctioning computers or broken microscopes never disrupt learning again!

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Schools have diversified

Educational processes have changed drastically! Students no longer spend all their time at school sitting in a single classroom, making notes and taking tests. Learning has become a lot more interactive, classes are far more diverse in terms of subject matter, and non-academic activities are being promoted for the many benefits they have for young minds. All of this has helped bolster the quality of education being received by students, but it also creates a bit of an organizational problem. Asset tracking software is a great tool to delineate the different schooling spheres, such as labs, libraries, gyms, cafeterias, rec halls, and of course, classrooms! The ability to compartmentalize these areas will not only increase custodian accountability, but will also make managing a wide variety of investments and activities ridiculously simple!

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Teachers should teach, not manage assets!

Records show that whenever a new technology is introduced to a K12, the responsibility for managing it is often handed over to teachers! This can have disastrous consequences, of course, as teachers are already strapped for time, with new responsibilities being added to their already busy schedules all the time. Asset tracking software designed to automate time-consuming asset management tasks can therefore be a huge help to the education sector. The ability to quickly manage reservations of certain items, for example, both for yourself and on behalf of your students, can make teacher’s lives a lot easier. This kind of electronic data management will free up time for teachers, allowing them to focus on the most important thing in a school environment – the education itself!


The best schools require state of the art laboratories, expansive gym facilities, and well-equipped classes. Schools often spend a lot of money because of poor asset inventory tracking, paying good money to both replace both stolen or poorly-maintained equipment. Asset tracking software can help with this, particularly in a modern context where technology costs for schools are exceptionally high and teachers far too busy to manually manage where everything is.

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