Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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How can Carts in Asset Tracking Software streamline your Business?


Cloud-based logistics management has revolutionized the business industry. Easy access to real-time data, powerful analytics, and integrated communication has delivered exceptional results. Being user-friendly and cost-effective, cloud logistical packages are quickly taking over the business world. Majority of the cloud app users include small and medium sized businesses but this doesn’t mean that enterprises aren’t the users. Aggressive competition forces companies to adopt flexible and efficient mechanisms to carry out business functions. The right tools for managing business assets e.g. asset tracking software can lead to increased productivity and a higher profit margin.

The shift from on-site asset handling to a cloud based management software creates economies of scale and includes the following benefits:

  • Reduced expenses and overhead costs: The use of cloud integrated software allows your business to forgo costly IT infrastructure and hardware and provides inexpensive alternatives to on-premise solutions.
  • Continuous improvement and growth: In contrast to on-premise services, cloud-based mechanisms have the potential to evolve with the business needs. You don’t have to worry about stagnation in the long run as updates are easier to integrate within the cloud-based software.
  • Better time management: Easily accessible anywhere to everyone in the office, an online software allows you to meet deadlines and schedule events in a conflict-free manner.

Why is cloud based logistics management good for your business?

Asset tracking software is a type of a cloud-based logistical solution package. This software comes integrated with supercharged features to help you manage assets for every type of business events and activities. There’s no use to have such a solution implemented across the organization without the ‘Carts’ feature. It allows you to take mass actions to streamline your logistical needs. To learn how this feature can benefit your business you need to understand how it works. Here are 3 functions of the ‘cart’ module in asset tracking software:

Prepares equipment checklists for events

One of the main tasks involved in business activity management is logistics! Getting equipment ready for an event can be complex especially without an asset tracking software to help you out. Cart management module built in this software is designed to manage business activities rigorously. You can add the items you need to a cart prepared for your event. If it’s a conference you can add projectors, mics and a few giveaways. You can also add multiple items at once.  

This helps you reserve items for the event date. In case of a conflict with another event in your company, it notifies you with a warning sign. The best part about carts is that they allow you to edit the list of items as many times you want! You can plan your activities flawlessly by having your items ready in time!

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Prepare equipment checklists through carts for flawless business management

Allows customization for unique assets

Often times it happens that your company owns items that do not fall within previously defined categories. When it comes to exemplary event management, it is important that no details are left out. Missing out on equipment specifications can cause a lot of confusion and the event could end up a failure. The carts option in asset tracking software usually comes with a room for customization to solve this problem.  

To create a more comprehensive event cart, you can add venues and shipment charges of items. This can be customized via adding custom fields. The ability to identify what products you need and where to get them can save you the struggle of checking various places for information about your event. A single access point of information like carts saves time and enables a more efficient business management.   

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Offers flexibility in asset management  

Say you prepared your event cart a month before your designated date. A few weeks later you find out that the equipment you added to your cart has been damaged or is not what you needed. Making changes in a checked out cart is a complex process for some users. However, some have the swap facility available for better cart management in asset tracking software. It enables you to do switch items in a few simple steps. With this feature available, you can easily make the required changes in your cart even when it has been checked out.

Apart from this, asset tracking software allows you to create multiple copies of the same cart. This way you don’t have to waste time to make new carts for similar events. You can also send a variety of products in different carts to the same event. This simplifies the work process as different carts can be designated to different employees for check out. To make things more organized, you can also add documents and comments to your carts. These simple steps save time and allow you to manage assets even till the last minute!

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By using carts you can do multiple tasks simultaneously!  

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Carts in asset tracking software – The right tool for your business

Every company has various activities to perform throughout the day. These can range from big fundraising events to small conferences for team members. Regardless of the scale, every activity is important and needs to be planned well before time in order to conduct it successfully. To manage business activities effectively it is crucial to choose the right software for the job. Your business needs a powerful cloud-based mechanism with high-performance features to raise productivity.  

Asset tracking software comes with supercharged features like ‘carts’ for your business. Loaded with various functions, the ‘cart’ functionality takes care of your asset management needs. It allows you to plan business events without conflict, takes into account your unique business needs through customization and offers room for changes in your checklist. The software also comes with a mobile app which can make equipment management on-the-go possible as well. Make the right choice to optimize asset functions and streamline workflows! All these factors make a pretty solid case for your business to invest in asset tracking software.

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