Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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4 Ways Your New Business Can Use Asset Tracking Software


Starting off a new business is a complicated venture and one fraught with challenges. According to Forbes, every new business struggles with resource and risk management. For a company, the resources it owns form a pivotal part of its assets. Being new to the market you have to invest very carefully in the resources you choose for your business because you cannot afford to start off with the wrong choices.

Next, comes the challenge of tracking the performance of these resources. Are the assets being fully optimized or is the output less than what it should have been? In addition to this, are your resources being properly maintained? If you are new to running a business, you might still be figuring out how to take care of these issues.

How to get in control of your new business?

As a new business, you have a lot going on and you cannot bear to malfunction in any department. If you lose out on any of your assets or fail to manage your employees, this can take a toll on your ability to deliver. Therefore, it is better to get in control of your business and streamline work routines as soon as possible. A cloud-based asset tracking software can make your job a whole lot easier by creating a systematic business environment and motivating employees that result in increased productivity.  

High performance features to help your business grow

benefits cloud computing

A robust asset tracking software comes with advanced features to help your business manage assets and workforce and reduce operating costs. Let’s have a look at the ways this software can gear your business towards higher efficiency:

Refine resource management

Stay organized and keep track of all your assets in one place. Easy-to-use and accessible to everyone in the office, cloud-based asset management software allows you to maintain and update asset information as you want. With the option of notifications on asset check-ins and checkouts, you will always stay up-to-date about where your assets are being used.  

Being a new business, you try to avoid additional overhead costs as much as possible. One way to do this is by assigning barcodes to all the assets you have so that no asset gets lost or misplaced. With the help of GPS tracking, all your assets remain under surveillance all the time. Efficient management of resources defines a well- sustained business in the long run.  

Motivate employees

It is not an easy job to keep employees satisfied when you have just started your business. Everything is at its initial stage and can seem a little daunting to your workers. Your employees need to be managed well or you will find yourself going through the tiring process of hiring all year round. Happy workers are those who are performing well. Work orders module within asset tracking software enables you to keep tabs on your employee’s whereabouts all-day long. This also allows you to define user roles and track staff performance effectively.

With the employee ID scan feature, you’ll be one step ahead of who is doing what. User roles help you allocate which employees will handle which assets. When your employees are aware of what exactly their jobs are, they will perform better and thus raise overall productivity.

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Mitigate Risks

As your business grows, your assets and inventory grow as well. With a large resource base comes greater risk. To avoid facing problems at a later stage, it is better to implement a robust system to tackle potential risks associated with your assets. These include unattended asset down times and irregular maintenance schedules which adversely impact the performance of assets.  

custom reports

Maintaining assets is no easy job and is detrimental to how long an asset will survive. With a couple of features like scheduled maintenance, recurring service events and maintenance alerts, asset tracking software provide you an easy way out to deal with lags in asset refurbishment. You can then streamline asset maintenance by sending out alerts for the next session schedule. This way you will not miss out on any service event and keep your assets in shape. Well maintained assets are key to optimal resource management.

Customize it

You have worked hard to build unique features for your business that set you apart from the rest of the market. This means your business needs software that caters especially to its needs. Asset tracking software comes with customizations in business reports, notifications and views.  

Customized reports prepared for business analysis about factors, assets, and trends you want to examine will help boost performance. By having exactly what your business needs to focus on will help you in planning future strategies. You don’t have to do away with boring email alerts anymore. Keep your office energized by sending out customized emails and alerts whenever and however, you want to. With the option of customized views, no asset is ever left out. You can define locations for any sort of asset your business possesses. Customizations suited to your business help establish a more proactive work environment.

What does your business gain from asset tracking software?

When starting out a business, you need to invest in technology that offers you maximum features all bundled into one. You can avail the following advantages by using a cloud-based asset management system:

  • Automated inventory control
  • Comprehensive insights into asset performance
  • Effective vendor management
  • Cost effective asset maintenance
  • Regulatory management and compliance

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Make the right choice for your new business

Choosing the right technology is one of the most critical decisions every new business has to face. You want something that can help your business become grow and offer flexibility when it comes to resource management. From having features like scheduled maintenance alerts to the customized report analysis, workforce management to cost-effective practices, asset tracking software is the complete package for your business needs.

With an accessible database and all-around asset tracking abilities, your new business will be able to overcome challenges and face competition in the market – all at the same time. Save time and increase your profit margins using the right tool.  

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