Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Mobile App

Simplified Asset Tracking on the Go

The EZOfficeInventory mobile app enables quick and easy actions on-the-go. Reserve Items, verify custody, and checkout equipment from the comfort of your mobile devices.
No Credit Card Required
Information at your Fingertips

Quickly find exactly what you are looking for

Fast Lookup and Actions

Simple forms to speed up check-in, checkout, and more

Item Center

Centralized access to all assets, stock items, and consumables

Universal Scan

Speed your work with quick scans – QR or barcode

User-Friendly Dashboard for Quick Actions

The EZOfficeInventory mobile app home page is a completely refreshed and new experience that has Dashboard, Global Search, and the Carts functionality for easy access.
The Dashboard enables relevant and fast-click actions. It highlights all the critical indicators of tasks that need your attention and enables you to take care of them quickly, eliminating the need to navigate through the application. Additionally, the “Review Needed and My Assignments” sections are designed to draw your attention to the most important tasks at hand, just a click away.
The home page provides instant, convenient access to Item Center, Scan Center, Bundles, Packages and many other modules under the More option. Having an overview of critical information at a glance enhances the efficiency of your operations.
The EZOfficeInventory mobile app incorporates two distinct dashboards for admins and staff users to ensure increased productivity as both roles can see only the KPIs that are relevant to them.

Quick and Easy Global Search

Global search allows EZOfficeInventory users to perform quick look- ups and streamlines the effort spent locating Items individually.
The search bar at the top of the Item Center enables you to simply search or filter your Items, and take key actions such as reservations or check out.

One Place for All Item Actions

The search bar at the top of the Item Center allowsenables you to simply search or filter your Items, and take key actions such as reservations or check out.
Item Center in the mobile app display has Items residing in one central listing, bringing all of your Items into a single, convenient view. Having a single listing for Items and actions that can be performed with a click, helps you look for Items faster and saves you valuable time.
Item Center also provides the ability to Sort and View Items. You can sort by Location, custody, and updated time of Items, as well as switch between different views like Location Stock and Checked out View.
Within the Item Center, you can click on any Item to go to its detail page. Add or Edit information associated with Items and also perform key actions.

Audit Items to Verify Ownership-Anywhere

Tap into your mobile app to scan and verify whether an item is present at a certain location. Easily carry out audits and update the list of items to reflect the actual inventory at a location through a few simple clicks–saving time and effort. Flag items that are at the wrong warehouse location to alert admins to take action. Routine audits and custody notifications on the go help ensure all warehouse items are at the right place.

Mass Actions on the Go

Mass Actions speed up your work in the Item Center. To perform actions on multiple Items at the same time, simply hold and select Items, and the most common actions will appear at the top for fast execution:
  • Check Items in and out, reserve, retire, and add them to cart and purchase orders.
  • Verify possession or transfer the custody of multiple Items together efficiently.

Swift Actions on Carts

On the Carts listing page, you can view different states of carts. Simply tap on the required cart to go to the cart details page where you can perform important actions, like reservations and checkout. Add Items to cart by searching through all Item types or by scanning.
The mobile app allows you to review Items, verify possession, and make changes to your carts, on the go.

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