Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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Docs Health implements powerful inventory control and cuts down asset loss with EZOfficeInventory

Established in 1990, DOCS Health is recognized as a trusted, reliable leader in providing specialized access to healthcare through customized delivery solutions. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, DOCS Health offers direct on-location health services through fixed clinic settings, mobile treatment centers, telemedicine, and portable deployment models.

Proficient in comprehensive medical, dental, audiology and vision care, DOCS Health also supports logistical operations and case management for its clients. With an overall aim to provide quality healthcare, DOCS Health serves education, military and government agencies, with a focus on wellness programs that include nutrition counseling, compliance, and surveillance testing. 

Cost savings through reduced asset losses with EZOfficeInventory

Several years ago, tracking equipment presented a persistent challenge for the DOCS Health team. Each year, multiple items and expensive IT assets would go missing, and due to lack of proper tracking and accountability, the cost of these losses grew to significant  amounts. To tackle this issue, DOCS Health decided to implement a new asset management software solution. After extensive research, the organization decided to implement EZOfficeInventory in 2016. The application was a good fit due to its wide array of powerful capabilities and ease of use.

According to Dan Williams, director of IT and security, EZOfficeInventory is mainly used for inventory and warehouse management. The app helps track inventory stored in three different warehouses located in the Northeast, South and West. Managing over 8000 Items in EZOfficeInventory, DOCS Health tracks everything from medical consumables to high tech devices—anything with a value over $100. The list of items required for a healthcare event can be easily printed for the warehouse manager. These items can then be checked out and shipped to the destination to be used for medical operations.

Since implementing EZOfficeInventory, DOCS Health has experienced a significant reduction in asset losses. Tracking items with barcode labels makes it easier to control movement at all times and also provides instant access to the chain of custody.

“ We have experienced an 80% reduction in loss of Items. We know exactly where an item is and can track it down. Before EZOfficeInventory, we were losing 20 laptops a year and this last year we have only really lost one”.

Automated data syncs through API integration

DOCS Health leverages a  custom built application that records details about their medical service events. The app is designed to store information like the number of soldiers who received a certain treatment, the station where services were provided and follow-up services. All this information is automatically synchronized with EZOfficeInventory through its API integration.

Whenever an event is created, their custom application creates a list of required pre-configured bundles, equipment and inventory which are automatically checked out in EZOfficeInventory. The combined system eliminates the need for manually building equipment lists and increases operational productivity through automation and streamlined collaboration.

Powerful inventory control with barcode labels

As a healthcare service provider, DOCS Health handles a large amount of inventory on a daily basis. Most of the items checked out for medical events include costly laptops and consumables that need to be tracked closely. EZOfficeInventory helps ensure reliable processing by enabling DOCS Health to log procurement cycles, add vendors, and generate purchase orders, all in a single solution. 

Dan added, “We can keep track of renewal periods, when the item was created, and assign the item to an employee. That’s where the chain of custody verification comes in.”

Further, location tracking in EZOfficeInventory makes it possible for DOCS Health to easily monitor inventory at different warehouses and ensure optimal stock levels at all times. Each site has its stock thresholds and reorder points stored in EZOfficeInventory so that timely purchase orders can be created to avoid shortages.

Actionable progress reports with real time updates

DOCS Health is a large organization with thousands of items at multiple warehouses countrywide. Each site has hundreds of assets checked out to warehouse managers and returned after each event. All of these workflows need to be closely supervised with data reconciled at the end of each event, to eliminate item loss. This is where DOCS Health runs multiple performance reports to track inventory, custody and locations after every major event.

Dan explained,“We report every event to see what equipment is being sent out. In EZOfficeInventory we can see utilization at the warehouse, what is being moved and compare different warehouses.”

Improved warehouse management with Check in and Checkout

An equipment pick list is created every time DOCS Health organizes a healthcare service event. This list is handed over to the warehouse managers who then collect all the items and check them out in EZOfficeInventory before shipping them to the event site. If there is any problem with the equipment during the event, the managers note the serial numbers of the faulty items, scheduling these items for maintenance in the EZOfficeInventory app.

After the event, warehouse managers check in the equipment and add notes regarding further actions, such as maintenance, reorders, and replacements. Continuous updates regarding the custody chain make it possible to track items at all times and ensure that they reach the event site.

Greater control and automation with EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory has enabled DOCS Health to automate a majority of their inventory management operations, facilitating  higher productivity and efficiency at the warehouses.

Dan says, “The soft benefits in terms of workload are immense. The warehouse managers can complete tasks much quicker.”

Having instant knowledge about item locations is critical for operations at DOCS Health and a key factor in running successful healthcare events. Along with the API-connected internal system, EZOfficeInventory offers insights into equipment custody at all times, making it much easier to track down items, even in the field.






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Key Challenges

  • Missing assets and equipment
  • Lack of transparency
  • No real time location tracking

Big Wins

  • Improved equipment visibility
  • Streamlined warehouse management
  • Cost savings

Favorite Features

  • Custom Fields
  • Quick Search
  • Custody verification

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