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6 Ways Disaster Restoration Companies Can Benefit from Asset Tracking Software


Disaster restoration companies offer crucial services to help both residential and commercial customers in the aftermath of emergencies. These can include anything from water or fire damage, sewage, animal waste, crime scenes, deaths, biohazards and more. 

The industry has seen rapid growth over the past five years to 2021 due to many contributing factors. Some key ones include a trend of increased spending on these services, aging homes and infrastructure that are more at risk for water damage, mold, and fire damage. Properties are also more vulnerable to damage from environmental factors such as severe storms, wildfires and more. 

Efficient disaster restoration companies should ensure that their team is fully prepared to respond quickly in the case of any such emergency. This means they should be trained, certified and most importantly, fully prepared with the required equipment, ranging from heavy and expensive machinery down to disposable items..

Trying to keep efficient track of this broad range of equipment and ensuring it is always in top shape can be a significant challenge.

The solution: Automated asset tracking.  

Streamline your workflows with asset management software

An asset tracking software provides real-time centralized access to information, enabling you to maximize the use of your equipment. Here is how switching to asset tracking software can help streamline your workflows.

1. Agility and preparedness

Disaster restoration companies need to be prepared and agile to respond effectively to emergencies. Asset management software allows your team to be swift in responding to any situation by presenting a real-time and accurate overview of your assets and their availability. This enables you to effectively strategise and respond to any arising crisis on the job. 

For example, if your business needs to work on a water damaged structure, it will be important to get on-site and clean up immediately. Your preparedness in the situation will not only improve your efficiency but also save many from inconvenience due to the damage. 

2. Reliable equipment through preventative maintenance

Reliable service is crucial in disaster restoration solutions. If you show up to clean up after a fire or smoke damage and your dry ice blasting machine is malfunctioning, you will suffer a major setback. Also, factor in the damage to your reputation due to dissatisfied customers. 

An asset tracking software mitigates such problems by enabling you to set up an automated preventive maintenance schedule with calendar-based reminders to ensure your equipment is always in top shape. You can also set up regularly recurring maintenance or even send some sensitive pieces of equipment into maintenance every time they are checked in. 

Mark the equipment as unavailable and ensure a conflict-free schedule. Ensuring proper maintenance and timely repairs increases the lifespan of your items, leading to major cost savings in the long run. 

3. On the go with mobile app

Disaster recovery work cannot be done from the shop. Your team is always in the field or on the go and do not always have access to personal computers or laptops. Most asset tracking software’s come with a robust mobile app that enables your team to perform all of their tasks right from the site.

Your team can be agile with easy, on spot check-ins and checkouts with quick barcode scans. This ensures that equipment is always accounted for within the system. Problem in the field? Your team can easily start or stop service on a piece of equipment. 

Additionally, you will also be able to update your team through the application, improving your workforce management. This means that if your team is away working on a project, you will be able to seamlessly communicate with them regarding any updates, keeping everyone synchronized and on the same page.

4. Real-time visibility over equipment movement

Asset tracking software enables quick growth for your disaster restoration company by cutting costs and mitigating risks. How? Since it maintains a full record of asset movement it is easier for you to ensure accountability for any damages. For example, suppose a team member forgot a commercial vacuum cleaner at a job site. Without a proper tracking system, it will get hard to trace it back to a location. However a tracking software enables you to check and see who checked out the item and at which location.

Likewise, in the case of a damaged piece of equipment being returned, you will be able to pull up the asset’s checkout records to figure how the damage was caused. This increases employee accountability across your organization. You can put enhanced security measures in place with access control. Define employee roles as well as their ability to take action on equipment.

By limiting financial losses through damages or lost assets, disaster restoration companies are able to improve financial stability and grow fast.

5. Bundle items together for quick checkouts

Every disaster requires specific types of equipment for cleanup and repair. For example, if you are tackling water damage you will need vacuums, dehumidifiers, air movers etc. Use the information within your asset tracking system to create logical groups of items that are typically needed together for a job. 

Create combinations that work best for your most common projects and make sure those items are always available for quick check-outs. The software also enables you to create custom bundles for jobs that require unique combinations. The bottom line: increased efficiency and rapid response. 

6. Get reports and alerts to stay on track

Even though the nature of your business keeps you on the move, it is important to pause and assess the health of operations. An asset tracking software enables you to use the data within the system to generate reports for actionable insights. For example, if a dehumidifier has broken down during projects and undergoes multiple repairs in a year, you can make a strong case for replacement, saving your company from unanticipated delays and repair costs.

 Pick the reports that matter most to you, convert them into graphs and easily view them on your dashboard whenever you sign in. Generate these on a regular schedule and share them with relevant stakeholders for informed business decisions. 

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