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Why Your Asset Tracking Software Needs a Mobile App (And Why Now)?


Business mobility- a mainstream trend in the market

According to Forrester Research, about 29% of the worldwide workforce is now ‘anywhere, anytime, information workers’, which is likely to use more than 3 mobile devices. Building upon this, Gartner studies show that mobile app based projects outnumbered PC based projects by the ratio of 4:1 in 2015. Such a change in the business world means a rapid increase in workforce mobility. This transition in the workforce allows businesses to offer more diverse operations. For example, the majority of businesses these days include on-site projects or out of office events.

An increase in mobility means your employees have to travel outside the office to perform their jobs. This means they will be using business assets and equipment on-the-go. While traveling, your employees need to be constantly updated about asset information. This makes workforce management a tad bit harder. A robust asset tracking system can make this task easy for your business. It becomes easier if the solution is cloud-based and supports a mobile application so it can help you work on-the-go without having to carry bulky files or laptops. You can get in control of all business workflows with just a single click anywhere, anytime.

How can asset tracking mobile app transform your business?

The use of on-premise software to record inventory slows down efficiency in the business assembly line. You find it difficult to take the system with you or make data changes in real-time if you want to work outside the office. A mobile asset tracking app allows you to perform all business functions in a cost-effective way. To help you familiarize yourself with how a mobile app for asset management works, let’s go through some of its features below:

Enables you to manage assets on the field

Whether you are a construction company or an event management organization, you realize how important asset management is outside the office. Even if you are not a mainstream mobile business, you often times find it hard to keep tabs on inventory sent outside an office for service. On-premise asset tracking software limits your ability to manage inventory within the confines of the workplace. Easily installed on every smartphone, the mobile app for tracking your assets proves to be very critical for business out on the field.  

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The software allows you to assign barcodes to every item in your inventory. This way every time employees use assets on the field, they can easily update information through the mobile app on their smartphones or tablets. Apart from this, it is quite common to misplace an asset while working on a project on site, GPS tracking built-in the mobile app allows you to track asset locations in no time!

Streamlines asset audits and inventory counts

Audits can be really helpful when it comes to measuring the asset counts. If your business has a large stock of inventory and assets at multiple locations, conducting audits can be time-consuming. Audits are critical for your business and you cannot afford to have any sort of discrepancies in this regard. Same goes for inventory counts. Whenever you purchase a new stock it becomes mandatory to add it to the system.  

If you were to update asset records through an on-premise asset management system, that procedure will take days and require a lot of physical effort. With the help of an asset tracking mobile app, your employees can use their smartphones to scan barcodes of all assets for the audit season and inventory counts. This creates a single step effective process which allows your workers to travel to different asset locations and add the data to the server at the same time. Real-time inventory counts and audit processes through a mobile app save you time and money.

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Allows access to data outside office

You often face situations where you have to carry physical records of information with you outside the office for a project. One such case is when you have to deal with vendors. When you are out to buy new stock or replace a damaged asset from your vendor, you need information on cost, type, and quantity of that asset. Manually keeping track of such information can be very hectic and can lead to misinformed decisions.  

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But with the availability of asset tracking mobile app, your workers have access to real-time data on the go. Carrying all asset-related information in your smartphone when going to the vendor or booking a venue for an event is much easier. It keeps you updated without a strenuous effort of carrying papers or laptops and enables a more effective work environment.

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Offers mobile workforce management

Majority of the businesses require their employees to travel for meetings and conferences. It is common for employees to take office supplies when they travel for official purposes. In such cases, you’ll require a mobile software that can help you manage your employees as well as your business assets from the workplace.

Asset tracking software mobile app enables your employees to check-in and check out assets on spot. This prevents mismanagement of business assets and helps maintain record of every activity. In addition to this, you can easily update your employees on their tasks for the day through the mobile app for the entire business trip. Efficient workforce management leads to high performance and improved productivity.

Choose mobile asset tracking for improved business performance

With mobility on the rise, businesses opt for services which can help streamline workflows outside the confines of the office. Cloud-based mobile applications allow you to do just the same! They are not only cost effective but time effective as well. This is because they help in creating economies of scale by improving business efficiency, therefore, mobile apps are a sure shot to help your business grow.

Make the right choice and invest in the right tool for your business! With super effective asset management features like equipment tracking via barcodes, asset audits with a single click, and easily accessible data, a mobile application for your asset tracking software is a must have!

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