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Here is How Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software Can Help Your Business


Heavy equipment maintenance software for streamlined maintenance management

Planning equipment maintenance – A step by step guide

The correct equipment maintenance strategy can positively impact your business performance. Repair and service sessions organized for your tools is a risk management practice designed to maximize utility while aiming to increase efficiency. In order to select the most appropriate maintenance routines for your firm, it is critical to have a substantial knowledge of equipment failure. Once you have an idea about how your tools depreciate or breakdown, only then you can come up with practical maintenance routines.

To plan a robust equipment maintenance strategy for your heavy equipment, it is important to consider the following factors to ensure improved results:

  1. Business objectives: Perhaps, the most logical way to try to achieve something is by having the end goal in mind. If your company knows what objectives it wants to meet by the year-end, it can easily design its way forward.
  1. Lay down asset hierarchy: It goes without saying that some of your tools and machines require more rigorous maintenance than others. For this reason, list down your preferences to make an estimated repair budget.
  2. Choose your resources: So, what is going to be the mechanism of your service workshops? You need to decide if you want to opt for an online heavy equipment maintenance software or an on-premise program.

Did you know? According to a U.S market research survey report, the revenue of the machinery maintenance and heavy equipment repair service industry is $36 Billion.

While this explains briefly what aspects you should take into consideration for equipment maintenance, it is also crucial to discuss the best way to go about it. Cloud-based applications provide your company with a variety of features to run smooth repair and service sessions.

Increase business productivity with heavy equipment maintenance software in the following ways:

1. Optimize equipment usage by depreciation management

Before any business begins to lay down the structure of equipment maintenance, it should understand its tools and machinery first. Not all instruments work in the same manner. Due to this, they require individual attention in order to perform at their optimal levels. To ensure your company gets the maximum value out of its capital investments, it should outline a plan for tracking depreciation of tools. This can be done easily with the help of heavy equipment repair software. This app allows you to record devaluation rates so that it becomes easy for you to schedule service sessions. Carrying out precautionary practices let you lower the chances of unexpected breakdowns and increase the overall productivity of work operations.

2. Receive calibration alerts to schedule ahead

Small and medium-sized businesses, both are contingent on multiple departments. These tiers of a company help you put together the work operations in action. Different departments specialize in different tasks and require a variety of tools to get the job done. To enable smooth workflows, a company has a diverse set of tools and machines. While it is impossible to keep a track of their service activities manually, an online equipment maintenance tracking app does the job for you. Your business can configure this app to send out calibration alerts every time a maintenance session is due. Calibration notifications let your employees make the necessary arrangements beforehand, which ensure flawless maintenance workshops.

repair scheduler heavy equipment maintenance software

Send alerts in advance to schedule maintenance events on time

3. Generate service tickets for streamlined maintenance

Majority of companies fail to realize the importance of a database. Where huge amounts of capital investments are concerned, it is quite imperative that you store and record each and every business activity. Such practices also come in handy when a company decides to organize maintenance routines. Different tools and machines bear separate details which should be stored in an online system for easy reference. You can do exactly this with a heavy equipment maintenance software. Being a valuable addition to your business, this software offers you to generate service tickets for all your maintenance events. This basically means that you can keep a track of additional information needed to schedule repair and service sessions. Use a single source of data to access wide-ranging data to run effective management processes!

4. Analyze maintenance events to forecast future trends  

A successful business aims to spot its weaknesses and work to eliminate them. One way to do this is to conduct a rigorous analysis of your existing management practices. Having a heavy equipment repair software makes it easier for you to do this, as it lets you record the history of all tasks. Say, for instance, you carried out a service session for XYZ tools. If you keep on updating your system on similar events, at the end of the year you will have prepared a comprehensive database. This database then can be manipulated to give a report on the changes in trends in equipment services. Such proactive exercises allow your organization to augment its strengths to increase efficiency levels.

history tracker heavy equipment maintenance software

Track usage history through your maintenance app

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Address your equipment maintenance challenges through EZOfficeInventory

Establishing an accomplished business plan takes more than just a few capital investments and a good team. It requires a powerful system which can support your workflows, even when you choose to expand. When you choose a reliable software, you inevitably raise your chances of earning higher revenues and profits. In order to achieve all this and much more, companies often opt to invest in EZOfficeInventory. Being a user-friendly heavy equipment maintenance software, this solution allows your company to conduct work operations in a streamlined manner. First of all, it lets you tag all your tools and machines to make everyday check-ins and checkouts easier. This is extremely important if your equipment is transferred across locations. With the help of a barcode, you can constantly supervise the positioning of all your tools.

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EZOfficeInventory also comes with the added facility of RFID tracking. This feature allows you to take multiple actions at once which speeds up your workflows. Employees no longer have to wait in queues to check out numerous pieces of equipment for maintenance. RFID tracking allows your workers to scan large quantities in a single go. Upgrade your maintenance techniques with EZOfficeInventory to gain a higher rate of returns for your business.

Learn more about how to use heavy equipment maintenance software

EZO CMMS is the leading equipment maintenance software build to run smooth service and repair sessions in order to optimize tool performance and achieve higher revenues.

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