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How Can Medical Equipment Database Software Benefit Hospitals


Medical equipment database software defined

Many people are frightened to go to hospitals. However, today patient recovery outcomes are better than they ever were and that is mostly because of the advancement in technology. Doctors and medical staff make use of a variety of equipment to care for their patients. With increasing number of patients, it can become challenging for doctors to deliver excellent patient care. In case, one critical piece of equipment fails to work, the quality of patient care decreases and can also become life-threatening.

Equipment tracking is a must for hospitals and without accurate record keeping, taking the right actions can be challenging. Medical equipment database software has the ability to deliver a wealth of data in a continuous feedback loop which can then be used for equipment optimization and performance improvement.

With each and every activity that medical equipment goes through, the tool’s automation system collects data and uses this information to improve equipment operations. This way medical equipment can be utilized to their full potential. This can prevent delays in treatment and increase overall efficiency.

Benefits of medical equipment database software for hospitals

1. Make your work process more efficient

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In a place like a hospital, planning ahead is crucial for saving lives. Medical equipment repairs should definitely be planned ahead so your practice never has to do without supplies and devices required to offer quality care to patients. When you already know which pieces of equipment are going to be unavailable in the near future, you can find an alternative solution or schedule appointment for days when you know will have the needed equipment.

You can access equipment data from anywhere anytime using medical equipment database software

A medical equipment database software can allow you to track repairs and maintenance of your valuable medical devices. It lets you create efficient repair routines and ease up hospital workflow. For instance, if an ECG machine suddenly stops working, a technician can take a look at the maintenance history and fix it accordingly. Medical equipment that undergoes regular repair is also much safer to use than neglected ones. Routine inspections can prevent problems further down the line. That way you don’t have to be worried about your faulty medical device when treating patients.

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2. Make well-informed plans for consumable spare parts’ orders

If you want your medical equipment to be running safely without any malfunction, you need to maintain a record of equipment spare parts. Equipment management software helps to maintain an optimum stock of spare parts and consumables so that the current reserves don’t shrink and service continues. Using the medical equipment database, you can determine equipment usage rates and set a reorder level that is enough to maintain usability during the time needed to order and obtain new parts.

With an optimum stock of spare parts at hand, healthcare service continues uninterrupted. You need to have a stock of items that will wear off with time and you will have to replace them on a regular basis like O-rings, filters, and others. Keeping track of spare parts also enables managers to make an estimate of annual maintenance costs of medical equipment stock.

Then there are consumables and accessories that medical equipment require – like electrodes, blood tubing sets, reagents, and others. Medical equipment database software gives you a stock control system that tracks details like expiration dates and quantities so that the items are used before they expire and remain in stock.

3. Highlight training needs

As soon as a new piece of medical equipment arrives, training activities take place in healthcare facilities that include its appropriate use, proper cleaning, general maintenance, and storage. If you happen to notice any defects or misuse of your equipment, you can use the medical equipment database that the equipment tracking software holds.

It contains records of every piece of equipment and machinery that the hospital has including all the maintenance activities that your equipment went through, its work order history, where it had been, with whom it was and when. Combination of service history and work orders can be used to identify equipment misuse, malfunction, and failures because of inadequate training. This can help identify training deficiencies as there can always be a staff member who repeats the same error leading to equipment malfunction. You can then take action by restricting equipment usage to staff members who have been properly trained for it.

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4. Identify when to replace equipment

maintenance tracker medical equipment database software

Having an accurate record of medical equipment inventory lets you know what you currently have. Knowing what you have helps to prevent you from buying duplicate devices and machines. Having access to this information, healthcare managers can make well-informed decisions regarding equipment purchases and know when they need to buy new ones. It is no secret that healthcare industry is continuously trying to cut down their costs and improve efficiency.

Equipment mismanagement can create a life-threatening situation for patients

Medical equipment inventory software contains a wealth of equipment data. It has the ability to record all equipment maintenance and repair history for each and every equipment you own. Whenever any piece of equipment is serviced, it is entered into the equipment tracking system. Hospital managers who have access to the system can view the entire service and maintenance history data and easily figure out failure trends and assist in troubleshooting.

The system uses this data and generates reports for the management to make analysis and decisions. Using these reports, hospital managers can identify whether it is more expensive – whether to continue with the maintenance of the equipment or simply replace it. Such quick decisions can help to keep your already burdened budgets lean.

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EZOfficeInventory – Automate medical equipment tracking!

Gone are the days when tracking hospital equipment information through paper and pen was enough. Using our medical equipment database software will let you keep your equipment records up-to-date so that you can get back to treating your patients. With EZOfficeInventory software solution, you can utilize tons of equipment data to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain seamless workflow. You can remain on the top of all your maintenance and repair needs in the best way possible.

The medical staff can access the central database from anywhere and make decisions quickly and not let their patients wait. Patients really don’t like waiting for a procedure just to find out that their nurse or doctor is unable to find the device required or the device isn’t working properly.

Hospitals can save big time on purchases of medical equipment and medical staff doesn’t have to stress about tracking equipment history anytime. With our medical equipment database software solution, you can keep your equipment operating at prime levels allowing your devices to last longer and save thousands of dollar every year. Having all the documentation in one place sure saves a considerable amount of time and money.

Hospitals can take advantage of our software solution to schedule maintenance and anticipate when equipment will become fully functional. Maintenance records offer hospitals a way to measure efficiency and find out whether the equipment they have is fit for meeting patient needs. With EZOfficeInventory software solution, run your hospitals as efficiently as possible and be more accurate in patient-related results!

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EZOfficeInventory is a powerful medical equipment database system used by hospitals around the world. Provide quality patient care and run your medical equipment smoothly!

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