Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Newsletter Aug 2017 Asset Tracking Software

Under the Scanner: Feature Release September 2017 – Asset Tracking Software


This month, our asset tracking software is all about offering you greater control over your business! Add barcodes to bundles, schedule custom reports to monitor business insights, and create dynamic lists for carts. We’ve also brought out a whole host of other minor tweaks and customizations that are going to help you get things done a bit more quickly!

Let’s take a look at EZOfficeInventory’s newest feature releases!

barcodes for bundles

Barcodes for Bundles: At EZOfficeInventory, we try to make things easy for you by providing you with default templates and frameworks to keep things organized. Like AINs for assets to help you keep tabs on items easily, you can now add Identification Numbers to bundles. Use them to process asset assignments quickly. For this to work out, record barcodes or identification numbers for a bundle from its details page. Additionally, you can print out barcodes for them.

fuzzy lists

Fuzzy lists: Create Fuzzy Lists to streamline your cart experience. A Fuzzy List is great for scenarios when you want to add a broad ‘category’ of items to a cart – say a camera from the DSLR group – but don’t want to worry too much about which specific DSLR it is. Items in a Fuzzy List are not ‘reserved’ until they are added to a cart, which is why this is a great placeholder system for asset assignments. Simply click ‘Create List’ beneath the Add Items search bar on the current cart page, and have a Staff User or Employee use that list for reference when filling out the actual cart. Go to Settings → Add Ons → Dynamic Lists → Enabled. Learn More

schedule custom reports

Schedule Custom Reports: Previously, we added the functionality where you can share your custom reports across all admins. Now, you can schedule custom reports to be sent to company users to eliminate time spent gathering, compiling, and sharing this data. Users can set up multiple custom reports to be scheduled. These reports will be sent to the users based on the recurrence intervals. Enable the option from Settings → Add Ons → Schedule Custom Reports. Learn More

custom fields

Custom Fields for Vendors and Members: We now offer greater customization that best suits your business requirements. You can now set custom fields for Vendors and Members. These will facilitate tracking and recording specific business data points related to vendors and members. There’s no more missing out on the finer details. These custom fields can be recorded in three types i.e. number field, single line text and paragraph text. You can start adding them under More → Custom Fields. We’ve also upgraded our API documentation for EZOfficeInventory. You can now retrieve data on custom fields for members and vendors through API calls.


Link inventory items to Services and Maintenance: There’s so much room for flexibility in EZOfficeInventory. Do you miss out on managing resources consumed during a maintenance event or quick machine fix? We have added one more new functionality to our CMMS module! Inventory items can be linked to specific maintenance events to better account for the resources used in these activities. Go to an item’s detail page, start a service, and click ‘Linked Inventory Items’ to add items that will be consumed during that service. Learn More

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