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Online Asset Tracking System Using RFID : An Overview


Accomplish yearly business goals: Improve performance by using RFID technology

To catch up with the competition of the market, your company needs to adopt effective technological applications to help boost growth. One of the latest advancements includes the RFID tracking software which speeds up management processes and raises the overall productivity. RFID is a radio frequency identification system which can be used to deal with inventory, procurement, and supply chain procedures to optimize outcomes.

Although RFID has been around since the Second World War, its popularity has grown after the mandates issued by the U.S Department of Defense to enable traceable products. With the ability to scan objects out of sight, companies are willing to switch to RFID for faster work operations.

Majority of businesses choose RFID because of the following benefits:

  1. Increased assembly-line efficiency: If you have a large inventory base, it becomes important to implement robust security mechanisms. RFID tags are not susceptible to damage, hence, reliable.
  2. Lower chances of human errors: The use of an automated tag to enter crucial information lets you cut down on mistakes due to carelessness. Such a technique maintains an accurate database for business use.
  3. Access to real-time data: Constant surveillance through tracking gives you the option of sharing the relevant information with everyone in the office. Such practices drive in-depth analytics.

An RFID based asset tracking system can be a solution to all your business woes. This software offers a large variety of features suited to tackle mismanagement issues. Learn how to work your way around through an online asset tracking system using RFID to achieve higher goals every day:

One: Administer assets in transit through RFID scanners

Whether you are a small or a medium business, you have numerous inventory going in and out every day. Be it, employees, heading off to a business meeting or a new shipment waiting to be checked in, it can get quite tough to handle asset movements. For this reason, it is often recommended that firms should invest in an automated check-in and check-out mechanism. An online asset tracking system using RFID offers you to take mass actions to scan and enter tools and equipment into your database. Apart from this, it also allows you to update location coordinates every time an asset checkout takes place.

Strict tracking practices let you maintain a transparent information system. A careful overview of tool utilization lowers risks associated with misplacement and misuse.

fast checkins online asset tracking system using rfid

Check in new shipments effortlessly with RFID readers

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Two: Record usage history to estimate consumption patterns

Due to the changing consumer preferences, markets are likely to face fluctuations in demand. This uncertainty causes companies to take precautionary measures and come up with foolproof strategies. One way to deal with such situations is to plan out a procedure to record usage history of your tools and machines. You can do exactly this and much more with an RFID asset tracking system.

Equipped with modules for inventory and asset stock, you can always keep a tap on consumption. Doing this lets you adjust your budget to meet changes in the market demands. Carrying out this practice also lets you determine the cost-benefit analysis of any particular asset to deliberate its future use. Keep an updated usage history system to improve optimization and yield higher outcomes.

Three: Lay down user roles to enhance warehouse security

In a large office setting, assets are often rotated within various departments. If you have a large inventory base comprising of high-value devices, you cannot afford to allow unauthorized usage. Without a system of check and balance, warehouse security is minimal which can increase chances of unwarranted access. In order to limit such instances, an online asset tracking system using RFID comes with a user-role module. By using this feature, you can clearly define employee roles for various departments and classify levels of access to gain the following bonus points:

  • Reduced administrative workload and IT support
  • Increase operational efficacy
  • Greater chances of compliance

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Use work order management to set in action the streamlined work operations for improved employee productivity and progress.

access control online asset tracking system using rfid

Define audience for your asset inventory for optimized usage

Four: Plan maintenance seamlessly with recurring services

Tools and machines are prone to wear and tear after some time of rigorous usage. This is quite normal as equipment has the tendency to depreciate over the years. Not taking care of your assets can lead to negative implications for your business in the long run. To make things easier for you, an online asset tracking system using RFID allows you to carry out recurring service as soon as you check your equipment into the database.

Such prompt practices make sure none of your tools miss out on the maintenance they require. You can also send out alert emails and notifications well before the service events. Get your tools in shape with timely automated repair and maintenance sessions.

Devise upgraded asset management strategies with EZOfficeInventory

The RFID market revenue is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years due to its rising demand worldwide. This is mainly because of the increased efficiency levels by using RFID tags to locate servers and vast types of assets, and lowered costs. Highly accurate visibility cuts down on duplicate reports thus making RFID one of the widely used mechanisms in companies. EZOfficeInventory is the leading RFID asset tracking system which offers a multitude of features to your business.

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Using combined facilities of barcodes and RFID, EZOfficeInventory lets you design customized labels for all your assets. This lets you store detailed information about all your tools. Simply a single scan will give you access to all the data you need. Apart from this, you also can check the status of your equipment in case of business events. Bookings and reservations are much easier through EZOfficeInventory’s availability calendars.

Given the ability to record usage history, you can generate actionable reports to forecast future industry demands as well. An in-depth analysis gears your company towards advanced growth by eliminating weaknesses and building upon its strengths. Get EZOfficeInventory today to revitalize your assets to gain higher revenues.

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EZOfficeInventory’s cloud-based asset tracking solution comes with high-performance features to implement asset management using RFID technology. Being used by organizations and small businesses worldwide, it allows companies to improve asset optimization to achieve a higher rate of returns on capital investment.

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