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Back to School with Remote Learners? Incorporate School Asset Management Software to Streamline Classes


Over the past few months, schools across the world  have rapidly adopted remote teaching to ensure that student learning is not affected by the pandemic. A Gallup survey conducted earlier this year found that children learning remotely through a school-sponsored online distance learning program grew from 65% to 83%. 

A separate survey in May showed that 90% of American families received resources from schools. As schools are providing learning and teaching resources to enable remote learning during this unprecedented time, it is extremely important to track these resources. 

Lapses in the system can cost the school a fortune in recovery of digital gadgets. Without a robust policy in place, schools may l end up losing thousands of dollars worth of assets. To address these concerns, school asset management enables real time tracking for educational institutions. 

Why do you need a school asset management software?

A school asset management software enables administrators and managers to keep track of where school equipment  is located throughout the day. This is useful during remote learning as both teachers and students require resources from school. An active use diary of school assets makes it easier for teachers to locate equipment whenever needed. Here are a few benefits of a school asset management software for remote learning:

  • Improved visibility for all assets
  • Accurate asset data collection 
  • Streamlined asset availability 
  • Better conducive learning environment

3 Ways to use a school asset management software for remote learning

Hosted in the cloud, the software enables schools to maintain real time asset records. This also means there is lower risk of data misplacement when employees are working from home. Being centrally accessible, teachers and administrators can log-in from anywhere and make requests for assets and equipment. 

school asset management

For better understanding, let us walk you through how a school asset management software can streamline the remote learning experience for both teachers and students:

Barcode tracking for seamless checkouts

The first step of tracking assets is to tag them with unique identification numbers. Doing this manually can be challenging especially for schools that have a large inventory of both small and big assets. This is where the school asset management software comes in. Equipped with a label designer, the software enables you to create barcode tags for all your equipment. Once tagged, all assets can then be entered into the system to maintain a catalogue. 

Everytime books or a webcam etc. is checked out to a teacher, the barcode ID will be recorded against the name of the recipient. This way all information is stored at a single database online.

In cases of discrepancies or lost assets, the admin can easily pull up check-out details against a barcode label. Such practices facilitate immediate recovery and minimize losses. Moreover, the mobile app for the software makes it convenient to checkout assets on the go as well. 

Reservations for hassle free bookings

In order to create an interactive learning experience, teachers often need new gadgets or equipment from the school. Catering to these demands, schools invest in different types of assets to make the process of remote learning easier. Despite this, teachers can have a hard time getting what they need due to lack of visibility or real time information on the availability  of assets. 

To overcome this challenge, a school asset management software allows teachers and administrators to make conflict free reservations. Once they have the log-in generated,they can simply log in from their laptops and check availability of the required assets. 

school asset management

For example, a Physics professor wants to check out a white board for better formula illustrations to the students. They can simply check if a board is available and reserve it for the class time. If not, they can generate a request for a new one or check when one becomes available. This way teachers can plan in advance and focus on delivery rather than last minute booking conflicts. 

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Custody verification for improved transparency

Schools and universities lose or misplace hundreds of small items annually. While these incidents may go unnoticed at first, they usually pile up to a hefty amount eventually. This happens because of a security lapse when administrators are not able to track users for all assets. With a shift towards remote learning, it becomes even more challenging for schools to trace when and where equipment is being used and by whom. 

School asset management software offers a simple and robust solution.

After assets and stock items have been checked out by users, the software enables you to verify custody. For example, you want to verify the teachers using internet devices. You can simply select the assets in the software and send in a request to teachers to acknowledge possession. 

The teachers then can either accept or deny possession. As an added benefit, you can also record the condition of the asset in possession. Having an updated user database helps the school keep track of asset whereabouts and schedule maintenance or purchase orders as required.

Tips for conducting successful remote teaching lessons

The process of remote learning  may be new for a lot of teachers and students. To streamline this process teachers need to take a few extra steps. The first step is to make all the logistical arrangements to ensure class equipment is ready and good to go. This is where a robust school asset management software provides backup support to both the teaching and the administration  staff. 

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Since everyone is relatively new to the remote teaching concept, it is important to hold training sessions to equip users with the new software programs involved. It is a good idea to deliver demonstrations before classes begin so teachers are comfortable with the checkin and check-out process. Here are a few tips to help you excel at remote teaching lessons with the help of a tracking software:

  • Determine how your content, pedagogy and assessment style will change. Request for extra equipment through your portal.  
  • Always have technology backups lined up 
  • Book all resources in advance through a school asset management software
  • Schedule maintenance for broken or damaged equipment before next use
  • Create packages or bundles for frequently checked-out assets 

Remote lessons play a critical role in ensuring that students continue their education despite campus closures. Incorporate an asset tracking software to automate and streamline asset management so you can focus on what is really important  — creating an engaging remote learning experience for students. 

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