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Tool Crib Inventory Software: An All-in-One Solution for Business


Utilize tools the right way: Achieve higher efficiency milestones

For a company to grow and excel in the market, it needs to function at optimal levels. While this may sound very easy to do, it actually isn’t. To maximize the rate of returns on your investment, you need to implement robust management processes. Such practices then allow you to utilize your inventory tools in the most effective manner possible.

To achieve tool specialization in daily tasks, a company needs to invest in a cloud-based software. The use of such a software allows you to control the following tool management basics:

  1. Quantity requirements: Your tool crib is extensively used by employees for company projects. For this reason, you need to stock up on just the right amount of inventory tools to run flawless business activities.
  2. Storage options: Tool management can be quite tough when your inventory comprises of various types of assets for different departments. In such cases, it becomes important to allocate strict warehouse check-in and checkout practices.
  3. Tool productivity: The most critical part of inventory management is to record and analyze overall tool performance. Not doing so, can have drastic consequences in the long run.

A tool crib management software lets you track and record accurate inventory information. By using this software, your company can revitalize its tool practices for positive business outcomes.

Here are a few ways to utilize your tools to boost company performance:

1. Tag all your tools for streamlined warehouse management

A business organization is categorized into different departments, which specialize in certain tasks. For instance, the administrative department is responsible to monitor inventory movements in and out of the office. To help various sectors of a company carry out successful task completion, it is critical that they have easy access to tools and machines. This can be achieved by labeling all department specific assets for easy reference.

A tool crib inventory software uses barcode technology to tag all your equipment. Doing this allows you to store all your tools in an organized manner. Every time you purchase a new toolkit, you can scan the barcodes and add the storage information in your system easily. Use unique identification tags for seamless warehouse tool management.


Did you know? Machine tool consumption in the United States totaled around $8.2 Billion in 2016, an increase from $7.3Billion.

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2. Plan business events in advance through seamless reservations

To keep employees motivated and energized enough to carry out their daily activities, companies oftentimes arrange a series of seminars and conferences. Majority of businesses are not equipped to deal with such situations. To enable smooth event planning, a tool crib management system offers you to book required assets in advance.

With the ability of an availability calendar, you can easily check the status of tools and machines which are free for use. This comes in extremely handy when you want to book specific venues for your meetings or conferences. An updated system of tool status allows you to reserve equipment for various office projects in advance as well. Such practices let you avoid time conflicts with simultaneous business events. Conduct all business events on time with effortless venue and tool reservations.

event management tool crib inventory software

Conduct flawless business events through advanced tool bookings

3. Set stock threshold levels to automate tool purchase

With extensive usage, your tools and machinery are bound to exhaust their useful life. In such cases, it always helps to have vendor details on hand to order new stock immediately. When you record depreciation rate of your assets, you are able to determine when a certain piece of equipment will expire. The ideal solution would be to order new stock before the existing toolkit reaches its expiration date. You can do this with the help of a tool crib inventory software.

With the option to set inventory modules, you can assign threshold levels to different assets. Whenever you are near minimum stock levels, new purchase orders will be automatically created. A quick response system such as this, allows you to plan and execute work operations on time. Store vendor details and also run automated stock management for optimal utilization of your tool crib.

4. Prepare actionable reports to assess overall growth

In order to improve current management processes, it is important to identify and eliminate your weaknesses. A smart corporate move is one which redirects business to success by building upon its strengths. One way to do so is to store performance reports of your business tools. This can be effectively done through the use of tool crib inventory software program. With the option to create customized data fields, you can use this software to generate actionable reports. Doing so raises business productivity in the following ways:

  • Allows you to make better-informed business decisions supported by facts
  • Ability to forecast future company demands
  • Increased capacity to react to unexpected changes in usage
  • Improved insight into financial procedures

Achieve all this and much more when you prepare in-depth analysis reports of tool history over time.

tool crib inventory software report feature

Run actionable performance reports for higher productivity levels

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Earn higher revenues with EZOfficeInventory with optimized tool management

Every business aims to reach for a higher rate of return on its capital investment. The smart way to attain this goal is to opt for the most efficient management mechanism. In order to help a company derive the best possible outcome from its tool crib, it is necessary to optimize its organizational structure. This can be done with the use of a web-based software program which offers a variety of features to address the company’s requirements. EZOfficeInventory is a tool crib inventory software which comes with supercharged abilities to improve business performance.

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EZOfficeInventory offers a comprehensive range of options to utilize your tools at their optimal levels. With constant tracking and monitoring through barcode technology, you can instantly lower risks associated with misplacement and theft. An accurate database of tool storage location, lets your employees save time and retrieve the required assets quickly. This pulls up employee productivity and makes it possible to meet higher targets every day.

Apart from tool management, EZOfficeInventory also allows you to supervise user roles. This is a very useful feature as it lets you control who can check out certain tools and machines. You can also assign different departments access to specific tool cribs. Doing this streamlines asset optimization and has a positive impact on business efficiency. Get EZOfficeInventory to increase your revenues with sophisticated tool utilization practices.

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