Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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Make The Most of Asset Labels With Your New Tool Inventory System


Why should you invest in asset labels?

Organizations often fail to realize that asset management is not about accumulating tools but tracking them as well. Tracking assets mainly involve using barcodes and QR codes to label your inventory items. Labels can be customized according to your business needs and prove to be a valuable investment. One reason why businesses choose to opt for tagging assets is that it helps them reduce costs and increase productivity.

Labelling your assets is now easier with an automated tool inventory system. The tagging process doesn’t have to be complex, it can be pretty straightforward. When you create a label for your product, you can store any information related to it in your company’s database. With the new barcode technology, you can also make labels to signify a department code, model number and much more. This provides comprehensive details to your employees and all of which is easily available through a single point of access. All these features can boost your business and let you meet your targets faster.

Let’s give you an overview of how you can improve performance through tool inventory system:

1. Seamless asset label scanning for quick check-in and checkouts

Tagging all business assets can be a labor-intensive process and so is manually entering information every time you want to use an inventory item. The absence of an efficient system for asset management can take a huge toll on your business. If you fail to keep track of where and how your assets are being used, you might face the loss of tools through theft and misplacement. It is easy to lose items when their movements are not being supervised. But you can save yourself from all this through implementing a robust tool inventory software.

You can label all your assets with barcodes for effective tracking. Assigning a barcode enables a seamless flow of workplace activities and ensures all asset movements are recorded. Every time an employee wants to check-out an item, he simply has to scan its barcode against his Employee ID. This way, you can update asset locations every time someone takes out an asset for official work. Instant data inputs lower the risks associated with loss of tools and makes inventory control much more organized.

better employee productivity via tool inventory system

Easy check-ins and checkouts improve employee productivity

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2. Easily rehabilitate asset records after disasters

Nature is unpredictable. You may choose a safe geographical location for your business but even then, you cannot eliminate the chances of a natural disaster. If you are not prepared for such unfortunate events, you might face some serious challenges at a later stage. So, given the possibility of unexpected events, how do you protect yourself from such disasters?

When such situations do occur, physical inventory items and asset stocks are at the greatest risk. Say, your business uses a manual system for storing asset data. You have hundreds of files with important information. All this will be gone in case an earthquake was to hit your area. Nothing will be left behind for you to assess the impact of the disaster on your business. After such events, companies generally want to update their financial records so that they can get reimbursements.

The best way to save your data is to use a cloud-based tool inventory app. When all your assets have barcode labels, their information can be easily updated in an online database. This database is accessible to anyone, anywhere anytime. An online tool tracking system is highly secure and your data always stays protected. Choose an automated software to keep your asset records safe.

3. Create customized asset labels for easy reference  

Your inventory is as complex as your business makes it. Every business wants to keep its assets organized for easy access. Inventory labeled in the right way can make your workers’ jobs easier and enable them to meet their daily targets faster. With the new barcode technology inventions, you can add up to 8000 characters of product details. Solutions like tool inventory apps allow you to create custom labels for your assets that can be used in different events.

For example, you want to organize a seminar this month. Now, to conduct any event successfully it is critical that you ensure seamless asset management. You cannot afford to have things go missing at the time of the event. To make event planning easier for you, tool inventory system lets you label each asset according to its designated function. You can edit the barcode of an asset to enter additional information as required. This way, you can just scan the barcode and find out where an asset is supposed to go. By doing this, you can run smoother events without any inconveniences.  

custom labels in tool inventory system

Customized asset tags make event planning easier

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4. Never miss out on maintenance schedules

Getting the right tools for your business is as important as maintaining those tools for optimized performance. An expensive high-quality inventory is a dead investment if you do not keep it well-maintained. Every now and then a piece of equipment is bound to malfunction. If your business is not equipped with the correct tools to take care of such disasters, you will find yourself constantly struggling. Equipment downtime is one of the biggest causes of slow business operations and wastage of resources. Manually keeping track of maintenance sessions can be difficult, so how can you automate this process?

With the help of tool inventory system, you can add asset tags to all your inventory items. These labels have the power to hold any piece of information. You can store repair contact details and some warning messages in asset tags. This means, in case of emergencies, you simply have to scan your asset and you would know where and how you can get your equipment fixed. Handy asset tags with repair details let you cut down on time spent looking for replacements! By having all the necessary maintenance information customized on the label, you will never miss out on service deadlines!

Label your assets with tool inventory system for effective business management

As a business geared towards success, you should know the importance of details. Every minute, a piece of asset information contributes towards the growth of your company. So, it becomes mandatory to record data in a way which is least susceptible to damage. One such system designed to help your business is the tool inventory system.

This software lets you manage assets by labeling them with comprehensive barcodes. By scanning these asset tags, you can access limitless information all at one place. The list of tasks performed by the software just doesn’t finish here. You can maintain, track and relocate assets faster and quicker as well! Doing this boosts up your productivity and improves asset performance too.

What’s more to tool inventory system?

EZOfficeInventory is the leading tool inventory system used by small businesses and construction firms worldwide for streamlined asset management and optimized performance.

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