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Why Barcode Asset Tracking Will Never Go out of Style


From the time of their invention in 1970’s, barcodes have evolved rapidly and taken over production processes. Today, almost every product in the market comes with a set of barcode label printed on it. This label helps in faster checkouts, simple and accurate record keeping and streamlined inventory control for retailers. The latest innovations in tracking technology include 2D barcode labels. As compared to 1D, 2D labels tend to store more information, which is a huge jump from 85 characters to 7000 characters. This enables companies to store detailed information regarding products all at one place. By doing this, organizations save themselves the hassle of accessing different forums for data records about a single product.  

Barcode tracking has had a positive impact on the healthcare, education as well as the manufacturing sector. Users get a sense of control when they can look up additional information just by scanning the barcode with their smartphones or handheld scanners. This gives way to an improved experience which eliminates inefficiencies and raises productivity across all departments. Research suggests that the barcode tracking system will develop a much faster scanning system with the addition of an image scan as well! With all these high-tech innovations being integrated within the simple barcode, it is obvious that its use is bound to increase over the coming years.

You can use barcode asset tracking to attain multiple advantages and achieve economies of scale in short period of time. Are you ready to get yourself the best of what technology has to offer? Let’s go over some of the features which can help your company out!

1. Simplify inventory management and track wherever your assets go!

Be it the construction sector or the healthcare department, mobility of assets is very important to track. Every organization possesses valuable inventory items which it cannot afford to lose. It is common to suffer losses incurred through poor asset management practices. You cannot only lose precious equipment but also initiate a series of negative effects due to that loss. Say for example, during a lecture at a university you cannot locate the laser pointer. You won’t be able to proceed with the class and will end up wasting time and energy looking for the missing item.  

Issues related to asset misplacement or theft can be controlled with the use of barcode asset tracking system. If you plan to install this software for your company, every item in your inventory will possess a unique barcode label. Using this label, you can scan every item and enter its current location for future use. This way you will never lose track of any asset in your inventory! This simplifies workflows and helps employees complete their daily tasks effortlessly!

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2. Assign custodianship to increase visibility and maintain transparency

Corporate transparency is a critical problem faced by numerous companies these days. A recent news report shows that the pharmaceutical sector suffered heavily to settle lawsuits related to transparency and financial fraud. Every year organizations pay billions to get rid of accusations attached to them. Why is this still a problem and how can it be solved? Most of the firms faced with such challenges lack the ability to implement the proper techniques for tracking asset usage. If you don’t know who is using your assets, how will you be able to hold someone responsible in case something goes wrong? You need to have accurate inventory data to clear the audit season.

Barcode asset tracking allows you to scan every product at checkout and enter custodian details. This way you can maintain transparent records of every type of assets – from the most valuable to the least! By doing this, you can cut down on costs associated with theft and misplacement!

barcode asset tracking for asset ownership

Keep track of asset ownership at all time!

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3. Enables you to create customized labels

The true strength of a company lies in its ability to differentiate from the rest of the market. Say you have a unique portfolio and you want to maintain it that way. One way to do this would be to get professional labels designed the way you want for your assets!  This is possible with the use of barcode asset tracking app which lets you create labels of different sizes, formats, and styles through the label designer. By doing this, you will be able to generate information according to your needs to satisfy your business model. Customized labels can be scanned through third-party scanners as well. This way you can ensure a user-friendly experience for your employees!

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4. Provides accurate information with instant data inputs and retrieval

Manual documentation of data is more likely to have errors as compared to automated data entry system. Where important assets are concerned, you cannot bear to have careless mistakes ruin your business performance. With the invention of 2D barcode labels, your business can greatly refine its inventory management practices. Barcode technology in asset tracking software reduces the possibility of incorrect data records – as barcode labels can now hold up to 7000 characters. Just imagine the accuracy of your information if you were able to record all possible details about your assets!

Barcode asset tracking allows for seamless data retrieval. Your employees can access data about any asset, anywhere, anytime by simply scanning the comprehensive barcode label. This makes daily tasks for your employees easier and makes them work faster!

accessible barcode asset tracking

Easily accessible asset information for everyone anywhere!

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Get organized and improve inventory management with barcode asset tracking!

Are you tired of poor inventory control practices? Then it’s time for you to invest in new tools for your asset management needs. With the latest technology, barcodes provide a whole new system of tracking which optimizes asset usage while at the same time gives way for customization! What are you waiting for? Choose barcode asset tracking for your business to get organized right away!

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