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Track and schedule tasks effectively using our work order software, and make smarter decisions to prevent costly replacements.
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Simplify Maintenance Across the Board using CMMS

Track on-site asset movement and maintenance

Mobile apps for real-time updates on the field

Seamless inventory management with low stock alerts

Prevent costly breakdowns and increase equipment uptime

Work Order Management Made Easy

Requisitions, maintenance, and tracking – on the cloud!
Work Order Management

Use checklists to flesh out Work Orders, and easily prioritize them to technicians and operators.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevent equipment failure before it happens by using service tickets and our Zendesk integration.

Progress and History Logs

Keep up with Work Order progress and log service histories for past trends and actionable data.

Asset Life cycle Management

Manage assets from procurement to retirement by tracking POs, depreciation, stock, and lifetime costs.

Recurring Services & Alerts

Customize alerts on routine services, and flag up one-off maintenance events with ease.

Customizable Reports

Generate reports on performance and status, taking all the guesswork out of important decisions.

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How Work Order Software Lowers Maintenance Costs

Does your maintenance manager stay on top of each day’s ‘To-Do’ list and keep equipment operating at optimal levels? Is information on work orders easily available to you so you can make informed business decisions? Does your work order system save your company time and money?
Manual work order management can take up countless man-hours and even increase your maintenance costs. This is because teams scheduling work orders face huge obstacles in creating optimal maintenance routines with limited resources. EZOfficeInventory isn’t just an asset management software, but a complete CMMS solution that enables you to schedule, prioritize, and organize work orders efficiently.
Over the years, we’ve worked with scores of customers to develop a work order management system that best fits their needs. Users can track the complete asset lifecycle – from ordering items, managing field locations, and scheduling maintenance activities – all from one centralized location. Our asset management expertise puts your equipment front and center. This means that all maintenance features are geared towards getting the most value out of your business assets! No more getting surprised by unexpected downtimes or scrambling to locate tools at the last minute. Actionable, real-time insights help you make better long-term decisions, dramatically improving your returns on investment.
Maintenance managers can easily schedule preventive maintenance for the future, keep track of tickets, and even integrate with Zendesk if they wish. In addition, our equipment maintenance tracking app can be used to scan Barcode and QR Code labels for quicker item processing, and scan-based audits can be run so you’re always in the know about where assets are, whose possession they’re in, and more. In short, EZOfficeInventory is the easiest way to amp up asset visibility and make equipment last longer!

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