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Asset Intelligence and Management


Asset Tracking Software for the Education Sector

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Primary and secondary education in North America has undergone huge changes over the last few decades. The role of teachers has come to be seen as central in defining success, testing is becoming more rigorous, and enrollment has steadily been going up. In 2015, around 50.1 million students in America were part of a K-12 (shorthand for Kindergarten through to the twelfth grade).
However, school districts are now facing increasing costs from many different avenues. One of these is managing the sheer amount and variety of educational and recreational assets schools have to keep track of today.
So, how do you decide which asset tracking software is the best fit for your educational institution? A well-informed decision will naturally follow the general trends defining the education sector today. Below, we’ll examine some of the biggest changes that have revolutionized education in recent years, and see the part that has to play in picking the right education-specific asset tracking software.

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How does Asset Tracking Software help K12s against inventory control?
– Robust cloud-based solution
– Centralized system
– Maintenance Management
– Staff Management


The best schools require well-equipped labs, arts programs, and sports facilities. K12s can spend a lot of money replacing stolen technology or poorly maintained equipment. Administrative costs such as these can be quite high, with the reduction of overheads seen as a priority for all school districts across North America.
A great way to reduce these expenses is to invest in cost-cutting asset management software. This ensures fewer lost or stolen assets, a regularly stocked inventory, and routine maintenance that enhances equipment longevity. Not just this, but a great asset tracking software for schools can improve the quality of education by removing blockages and lowering disruptions in the educational process.
EZOfficeInventory is being used by a host of K12s all over America. We appreciate the part schools play in creating a better future for all of us, and hope that our educational discount goes some way to demonstrating our belief in the hard work of educators across the country.

Choosing the best Asset Tracking Software

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